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April 30, 2004

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Those Who Wannabe Multilingual

Sanyat Sattar

Being fluent in a foreign language is certainly a plus point in today’s globalised world. Thus books on how to master a language have become the most sought after items in the book market. Here are three books that incorporate innovative and fun ways to perfect French, Spanish and Japanese.


French with Michel Thomas
Michel Thomas
McGraw-Hill Professional; August 2001
ISBN: 0071381651

French is termed as the sweetest language on earth. If not for its sweetness, then at least for it's multicultural appeal and prospect people are egger to learn French. In this handy volume the writer uses mnemonic devices to remember words such as explaining where the root of the word originated. He also explains guidelines to go by and one can easily apply these rules 100% to other sentences. This book comes with two versions of CDs which are equally helpful and methodical.



The Everything Learning Spanish Book
Frank H. Zambrano
Adams Media Corporation; August 2002
ISBN: 1580625754

This is an easy-going book for learning Spanish. The book is coulourful with lovely pictures to makes the learning more interesting and entertaining. It is an excellent overview for learning Spanish and should be one of the best books on the market. The author is passionate about his subject and understands how to make learning a new language fun.





Japanese in MangaLand
Marc Bernabe
Kodansha International; July 2003
ISBN: 4889961151

With Japanese in MangaLand, readers can easily master the basics of the Japanese language, using 'manga' as a didactic tool. With thirty lessons, including drills, clear explanations, and vivid examples, readers will become familiar with the fundamental patterns of Japanese grammar while learning important vocabulary. This book also features a bonus glossary of more than 160 basic 'kanji' to assist in the learning process. Japanese in MangaLand is a wonderful alternative to reading page after page of dry prose. Perfect for both beginners and manga enthusiasts, this book makes learning the basics of Japanese both fun and easy.




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