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April 30, 2004

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Dear Mita,
I am a student of JU of the English department. I am a shy boy and do not have any female friends. Some of the girls on campus make fun of me because of this. They even insult me in public, calling me names like "Babu", meaning baby. What should I do to avoid them?

Dear F,
It is first important for you to have friends, male or female. Many young people are shy when they come in contact with girls, this is not abnormal or unnatural. You will get over this as you gain in confidence. Developing confidence is a process that has to be worked at. Getting good grades gives confidence as does other kinds of extra curricular activities such as debates, sports etc. These girls will stop calling you babu and will rather seek your company someday.

Dear Mita,
I am a student of Notre Dame College. This year I will sit for my HSC exam. But I am a little tense about it. I scored about 90 percent marks in physics in my college test. But the marks from the model test is only 40-60 percent of my total marks. Therefore, it seems that I will not be able to score more than 80 percent in my HSC exam. I also want to get myself admitted into Engineering University. But it will be very difficult for me to get admission if my mark is below 80 percent. This problem is not in physics but all subjects. Could you help me?

Dear Tensed,
All students are tense before exams. The only way to overcome this is by studying hard and building confidence that you can do it. Just because you got less than expected grades in the model test does not mean that you cannot score better in the actual exams. Remember there is nothing one cannot achieve through hard work and determination.

Dear Mita,
I'm a 20-year-old 1st Year student of Geography at Dhaka University. My first day there, I caught sight of a handsome young man. I later came to know that he was a newly-appointed bachelor teacher. I fell madly in love with him at first sight. A few days later, I approached him, trying to make him understand my feelings through physical gestures and that I wanted a serious relationship. But he did not respond. Later I told him outright about my feelings. He turned me down at once and has been trying to avoid me ever since. I can't think of anyone but him and think he is the right person for me. I can't concentrate on my studies though my final exams are coming up. I don't want my life to be ruined, but I'm extremely frustrated over this. What should I do?

Dear Frustrated,
I will have to tell you outright that you are being immature and childish. First of all, why should you expect a response from person who does not know you at all. Just because you have fallen in love does not mean that he is obliged to do the same. Secondly, a teacher has to be careful how he interacts with students. He has come to teach and not to have love affairs with students. This sets a bad precedent and affects the learning environment and should be discouraged at all costs. Please remember that your life will not be ruined as this is just an infatuation and nothing else.





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