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April 30, 2004

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Night of

Beauty and Glamour


On the 23rd of April, Sheraton shook with echoes of applause and music as Pantene Pro-V held a glamorous contest showcasing not just beauty and poise, but talent and eloquence of 22 of today's young, budding models. In their annual contest titled "Pantene You Got The Look", this group of young men and women smiled, talked and even danced their way through the contest, proving to Bangladesh that if you have the looks, you better have the brains to back it up. The contest had initially started with 500 applicants but in the end, only four individuals shined the brightest. From the womenís side, the Best Look went to Shabnam Munir Tanisha and the Best Hair was snatched by Saria Hossain Saria. From the menís side, the Best Look went to Mirza Mohammad Garlib and Ziaul Farooq Apurbo took the category for Best Hair. For these talented and glamorous candidates, this was surely one night to remember.


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