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May 14, 2004

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I think, therefore I am...

Sanyat Sattar


Upamahadeshio Darshan: Bish Shatakio Prayash
F. M. Obaidur Rahman (editor)
Dr. Md. Golam Dastagir, Dept of Philoshophy,
Jahangirnagar University; November 2003
This is an interesting anthology dealing with twentieth century philosophers of the sub-continent. Unique personalities like Iqbal, Radhakrisnan, GC Dev, Dewan Mohammad Azraf, Syedur Rahman, Syed Abdul Hye are included in this volume. Their eventful lives, philosophies and ideologies are written through exclusive research work, done by renowned philosophers and professors of this discipline from Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University. Each of the entries are followed by detailed bibliographies and endnotes. The volume surely is very informative and reader friendly, and that is what philosophy on the surface should be.



Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings
David J. Chalmers (editor)
Oxford University Press; July 2002
ISBN: 019514581X
Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings is a grand tour on perplexing questions about the nature of the mind. The most comprehensive collection of its kind, the book includes sixty-three selections that range from the classical contributions of Descartes to the leading edge of contemporary debates. Extensive sections cover foundational issues, the nature of consciousness, and the nature of mental content. Three of the selections are published here for the first time, while many other articles have been revised especially for this volume. Each section opens with an introduction by the editor


Consciousness: An Introduction
Susan Blackmore
Oxford University Press; (October 2003)
ISBN: 019515343X
Designed for upper-level undergraduate courses on consciousness, this groundbreaking text is the first volume to bring together all the major theories of consciousness studies--from those rooted in neuroscience to those based on quantum theory or Eastern Philosophy. Broadly interdisciplinary, Consciousness: An Introduction is divided into nine sections that examine topics such as how subjective experiences arise from objective brain processes; the basic neuroscience and neuropathology of consciousness; altered states of consciousness; mystical experiences and dreams; and the effects of drugs and meditation. It also discusses the nature of self, the possibility of artificial consciousness in robots, and the question of whether or not animals are conscious. Enhanced by numerous illustrations and profiles of important researchers, the text is also supported by many pedagogical aids including classroom exercises, self-assessment questions, further reading suggestions, and practical exercises that help bring the subject to life.




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