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May 14 , 2004

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Great Cover
I just finished reading the article "The Turbulent Evolution of Bangla Rock" by Faizul A Tanim from your website and I have to admit the article almost brought tears to my eyes! Sitting here in Calgary, Alberta - Western Canada, where the influx of Bangladeshis is not that high - this article just brought the whole musical experience of my childhood in Bangladesh into perspective. Tanim hit every chord of our affinity towards Bangla rock - he even mentioned the fact that the most popular ones are played after Eid Nammaz! His flow of writing was very elegant and the information he presented was was very emotional...I thank him for this article and hope we'll get to see such articles from him more often! Bravo Tanim!
Saima Jamal,

Iraqi War Prisoners
What we have seen on television and daily newspapers about the treatment of Iraqi prisoners is beyond tolerance. How brutal can they be? Treating people with such disrespect. These people are not soldiers they are barbarians. The United Nations should carry out a thorough investigation and punish people who are responsible for such heinous and abominable crimes. Even female soldiers were part of this dirty game. This is nothing but sheer violation of international law and American and British soldiers are showing how much respect they hold for it.
Badal Hasib

Misfortune of three examinees
I have read the article "Heading Towards a Fascist State" by Ahmede Hussain written in the Star Weekend Magazine on 30th April 2004.After reading the article I was shocked. By reading that article I have come to know that the police are violating even High Court orders. Even the lawmakers and right activists are surprised by this gross violation of human rights, where the police have arrested innocent young men. Many innocent civilians and their families are suffering due to these illegal arrests. The most shocking thing is the arrest of the three HSC examinees who came to Dhaka for shopping. I feel for these candidates a lot and I would request each and every concerned person of our country to help these innocent students who are not involved in any political movement.
Hasna Hasan

On Ridley
Many thanks to Tazin Abdullah for her interview with brilliant journalist Yvonne Ridley who explored the truth towards the world despite all consequences, which was actually exploited by the west particularly western journalists and politicians. She has created a new trend in the field of journalism and have lessons for the west. I hope she will have more contributions in the future

Asadul Alam
Mohakhali, Dhaka

Thanks to Tazin Abdullah
The interview of your April 23rd is a great read and I want give my heartiest congratulations to Tazin Abdullah for her outstanding work. In one word it was "brilliant." We came to know about the truth about the Taliban who have been made controversial by the western mass media for their treatment of woman. Yvonne Ridley exposes the unrevealing truth about Bush and Blair -- that they are invading countries without any proper reason. From her interview we came to know that Taliban didn't misbehave with a non-Muslim woman like her. They treated her as their sister, which the western media was not prepared to hear. Returning from captivity she became a Muslim after reading the Holy Quran. We come to know about much reality about Afghanistan and events in Iraq that have been misinterpreted by western reporters who broadcast stories according to their preconceived notions, giving Westerners the wrong impression of Islam and Muslims. She referred to the western journalists as gutless, lily-livered, spineless individuals who prefer to be spoon-fed by the government, which is absolutely true. I would not have known about the experiences of Yvonne Ridley if it was not published in SWM. We expect more such informative interviews from this writer.
Farhana Tahsin
Dhaka University

On Cinnamon and Honey
Thanks to SWM and Rahatun-nesa for upholding the benefits of honey. With our decreasing faith in allopathic medicine (both due to their side effects and our deshi doctors), such a home remedy will be helpful for all. The question is where do we get pure honey? Will the foreign makes available in the market (Indian 'Dabur' and some Australian brands) do or are they artificial? Of course, local honey is also available but one tends to think it is adulterated, as is so common nowadays, even with vegetables like tomatoes. I would also like to know the exact amount of honey a diabetic patient may take per day. The portions outlined contain up to 5 teaspoons of honey, which I believe is quite high. While allopathic doctors forbid honey for diabetics, herbal medicine practitioners say that it is harmless. I would be very grateful if Rahatun-nesa sheds some light on such matters in a sequel article.
Waseka Begum

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