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May 21, 2004

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The Doctor Prescribes…

Sanyat Sattar

Our increasingly mechanical life brings with it many health problems. But by changing our eating habits, life style, and taking precautions beforehand, we may be able to avoid these and live a longer, healthier life.

The South Beach Diet
Arthur Agatston
Rodale Press; April 2004

This guide does all the work--more than 1,200 food listings at your fingertips!
Each entry lists its carbohydrate, sugar, and fat grams, plus all the foods are ranked "Good", "Limited", "Very Limited", or "Avoid" according to the nutritional principles Dr. Agatston explains in his introduction. Packed with essential information, food lists, shopping tips, meal makeovers, this book is a "dining-out guide" to stay on track at your favourite restaurants and more. The South Beach Diet is your key to lifelong health and weight loss.



Practical Carbohydrate Counting
Hope S. Warshaw & Karen M. Bolderman
McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Distributed Products; June 2003

Demystify this critical meal-planning technique. Learn how to identify patterns throwing off a patient's blood sugar, as well as calculate insulin to CHO ratios and adapt to combination therapy and insulin pump delivery. Indeed a very handy and informative book for health professionals in a clinical setting as well as a supplement for students in health professions courses.



Drug Guide
Margaret T. Shannon, Billie Ann Wilson & Carolyn L. Stang
Prentice Hall; May 2003

This comprehensive guide provides safe, effective, current, and accurate drug administration information in a quickly accessible format. The fully revised 2004 edition includes the latest drugs approved by the FDA. This is the only drug guide to include Prototype Drugs for easier learning. Also included are Drug Interactions that include food and herbal interactions, Geriatric and Pediatric Dosing Guidelines that include infants and neonates, complete IV Preparation and Administration information, Adverse Effects organised by body system, Administration Information organised by route, as well as a comprehensive Companion Website "prenhall/drugguides", that provides access to the most up-to-date drug information.


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