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May 21, 2004

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The 'Human Dressing'

Imran H. Khan

Some say a picture can say a thousand words. Well, eight thousand words are being said, through eight different designs, by three artists of our time to pay tribute to the most renowned poet and writer in Bangla of all time, Rabindranath Tagore. With eight stunning designs on T-shirts, Dhrubo Aish, Najib Tariq and Shobyoshachi Hajra have decided to celebrate Tagore's birthday in their own unique way. Whoever said a man's best friend is a dog, probably said it during winter because in the scorching summer heat nothing comes closer to a man than his T-shirt. And you don't even have to be a fashion freak to see that it also looks pretty hip, not to mention the comfort factor.

Dhrubo Eish started working on the designs of books and book covers since his student life. He first started his designing profession in Sheba Prokashoni where he was the graphic designer. Graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts, he joined the mainstream cover designer line with a bang and did a series of cover designs for popular novelist Humayun Ahmed and many others. He is also a writer and did a lot of work for children, which included writing books with impressions for the kids. Today, he is one of the most wanted and sought after cover designers of the country, totally unmatched in his realm. Najib Tariq is another popular figure in the graphical design arena. Currently working with the news daily Jugantar, he is mainly connected with the both creative and journalistic scheme of work and has been working in the graphical designing section of different news dailies. Shobyoshachi Hajra, who had been working with The Daily Star as a graphic designer, is still in the Institute of Fine Arts. He has quickly made a name for himself and, geared with his painting skills, is fast gaining popularity.

The T-shirts come in two sizes, the larger of which costs Tk.160 and the smaller version coming to Tk.130. Though there are just eight designs, there is a multitude of shades and colours to choose from. One such T-shirt has an impression of the great poet in his thirties. Not only has the T-shirt an impression of his autograph, but it also has a quote from the poet that reads, "My last salutations are to them who knew me imperfect and loved me." I guess one really feels close to those who not only like you for your rights, but your wrongs. Another such T-shirt has his impression in the centre, totally surrounded by white with a slight touch of orange as the contrasting medium and his signature on top. It's a typical example of simplicity at its best, rather like our poet who was simple in his way but when literature was concerned, he was way ahead of his time.

Two renowned actors Trapa Majumdar and Ramendu Majumdar were present on the opening day to kick-start the 15 day exhibition. Not only are the T-shirts very airy and creatively designed, they are all 100% cotton. The 'show' was orchestrated from May 4th to May 18th, 2004 in Nitya Upohar in Aziz Super Market, Shahbagh. Different people have different ways of showing respect and respect through a fine work of art is always something people can treasure and cherish for years to come.


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