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May 21 , 2004

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Violators Close to Home
The pictures of the detainees in Iraq, under the US and British coalition soldiers are disturbing. It is a crime and needs to be stopped immediately. But, what shocked me the most is when I saw the letters under the 'To The Editor' columns (Friday, May 7, 2004, Pg. 7). What happens to all those millions of Bangladeshis when they clap and rejoice for the Pakistanis, be it in a cricket match, or any victorious event. We as Bangladeshis never forget to put our hands together for the Pakistanis! But if you visit the War Museum in Dhaka all you will see is perversion, sadism, intolerable cruelty, rape, murder, against Bangali. What I am trying to say is what the Pakistanis did with our nation was also equally wrong and remains wrong as long as they don't seek for pardon. Just because they are not 'white' are they entitled to make mistakes and get away with it? When it comes to Pakistanis, how come we never talk about punishment as they have also violated human rights? I haven't lost the language to protest against such inequality, nor will I claim human rights for other nations and leave our own nation from the context.
Nusrat Wahid
66, Park Road
Baridhara, Dhaka

Disrespecting Sanctity
I am glad that one of my classmates has expressed his deep concern in his letter "Disrespecting Sanctity" published on the 7th May issue of SWM, about the unethical and indecent activities performed by couples around the graveyard of the national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam. I would also like to say that the poets' graveyard is also adjacent to the central mosque of DU. Therefore, any kind of indecent activities in that area should be checked with an iron hand to preserve the solemnity and holiness of this area.
Hopefully, the DU authority is trying to keep the campus safe from night-time intruders. But I, on behalf of all the students of DU, (who really want the campus to be an ideal place of learning and of high moral values), hope that the authority will be very prompt to address this issue and implement a unified code of conduct for the students in the university campus. If the concerned authorities prove themselves sincere and successful in these matters it will make them our real guardian in the campus. Any pragmatic step would help to regain the lost honour and glory of this so-called Oxford of the East.
Md. Arif Sadeq.
Department of English,
University of Dhaka

Super Flop
The government still remains in power even after the expiry of the April 30th 2004 deadline. The 30th of April is a day of significance and will be remembered because Awami league not only fooled the BNP-led-four-party-alliance government but also the entire nation by continuously saying that the government would be forced to resign or be toppled on that particular date. It seems that AL general secretary failed to become an astrologer. The long awaited and much publicised drama of "30th April" produced by the Awami League failed to attract the spectators. Instead of becoming a box office hit, it seems to be a super flop.
Iqbal Ahmed

Poems Absent
I am a voracious reader of SWM and I find everything very satisfactory in my favourite magazine. But I cannot understand why the SWM team does not consider putting in the most valued literary peace of them all poems! Could you at least consider it
Kamal Uddin Azad Khokon

Remarkable Cover
Your cover story on April 23rd about Mawalis was excellent and praiseworthy. I spontaneously thank SWM and Mustafa Zaman for such a revealing write up. Before reading this article, Mawalis were unknown to me and even to a lot of people. However, through this article, I have come to learn about their lifestyle. Besides this, the article has revealed the problems these people have to face every day. I request the related authority to take care of them as they are an important strength in our country. I again thank SWM for such a great cover story.
Shabbir Ibne Azam

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