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May 21, 2004

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Dear Mita,
I am a student of Class 12. I want to study abroad but my parents won't be able to help me as my family's financial situation is not good. I really need a scholarship, but I don't know how to go about it. I got both primary and high school scholarships and my parents and I are confident about getting more. I would really appreciate it if you tell me the process of applying or giving exams for a scholarship for going abroad.

Dear Expected,
I am sorry but I do not have information regarding scholarship. You should rather talk to people who have received scholarships to study abroad. You should also talk to the institution where you are studying at present and at the same time go to the USIS and British Council. There might be some facilities to study in Australia and you may want to explore that. I am sorry for not being of much help.

Dear Mita,
I am 16 and have many friends . I like to go out with them and most of the time I spend money and they just enjoy themselves. I don't bother about this because I love my friends very much. But my mother repeatedly tells me not to keep company with such friends. She thinks that they are taking advantages from me and nothing else. My mother also thinks that I'm foolish and my friends are cleverer than I am. I don't want to leave my friends. If I stop spending money on them, they may consider me a miser and leave me. Please advise me so that I can save my money and my friendships.

Dear R,
It is generous of you to spend money on your friends. However, your mother does have a point. There is no reason why you should always be the one spending money. Friends should contribute on all occasions as per their ability even if it is a nominal amount. If your friends leave you just because you have stopped spending does not speak much of your friendship. As you grow older you will have to make a distinction between sincere and insincere friends. Meanwhile, there is no need to do anything drastic. Gradually and firmly make it clearly that you cannot be the only person spending for everyone else. I am sure you will not lose your true friends if you do that.

Dear Mita,
I sat for my SSC examination this year. From my childhood I have loved one of my cousins who is very beautiful. She is two years my junior. I can't tell her about my feelings because she is my cousin. Moreover, our family may not allow this relationship. But I desperately want to love and marry her. Her father is a very pious man and he will force her to marry in a few years' time. I know that it will take me at least another ten years before I can marry. Now I don't know what to do. Please help me.

Dear S,
You have just completed your SSC and there is plenty of time to think about such serious topics as love and marriage. You might have a crush on a cousin which is common among young people. However, whether this should go to the marriage level is a big question. Moreover, the girl is not old enough to take such decisions. Relationships between cousins is not appreciated by most families and it will be wise if you started to get out of such feelings.


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