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May 28, 2004

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Mushroom Lovers

Sanyat Sattar

Mushroom is termed as the most mysterious fungi on earth. Though mushroom is still a not so pupular vegetable in our country, it's full of protein and is quite tasty. Growing mushrooms can also be a good source of earning. Here are a few books that can be helpful for those who are interested in this 'mystery food.

The Mushroom Cultivator
Paul Stamets & J. S. Chilton
Agarikon Press; October 1984

This book is an excellent reference and guide for the intermediate to advanced mushroom grower. The emphasis is not necessarily on growing at home because the techniques described in the book require a pretty sophisticated lab. To grow mushrooms in the average kitchen with the dog walking by would be difficult using the info from this book. At times the book seems weak on sterile technique methods needed to successfully cultivate without laminar flow hoods. Overall the book is a comprehensive outline for successful cultivation indoors and outdoors.




Mushrooms Demystified
David Arora
Ten Speed Press; October 1986

This is the be-all and end-all of mushroom books! Truly an encyclopedia of mushroom facts and lore, lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs, literally everything you need to know about mushrooms, edible or not. Arora has taught mycology for close to twenty years and has hunted and photographed mushrooms across the North American continent. Threaded through the book are his wry observations, making what could have been a rather dull, "just-the-facts", reference book into a really enjoyable read. The stunning photographs of the incredible variety of fungi are fascinating and eye-opening, and while the author gives clear and factual information, the mysterious allure of mushrooms in their countless shapes, sizes and colors is only increased by this huge and delightful book.


Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America
David W. Fischer & Alan E. Bessette
University of Texas Press; January 1992

This field guide presents more than 100 species of the most delicious mushrooms, along with detailed information on how to find, gather, store, and prepare them for the table. More than 70 savory recipes, ranging from soups and salads to casseroles, canapés, quiches, and even a dessert, are included. Throughout, the authors constantly emphasise the need for correct identification of species for safe eating. Each species is described in detailed, non-technical language, accompanied by a list of key identifying characteristics that reliably rule out all but the target species. Superb color photographs also aid in identification. Poisonous "look-alikes" are described and illustrated, and the authors also assess the risks of allergic or idiosyncratic reactions to edible species and the possibilities of chemical or bacterial contamination.


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