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May 28 , 2004

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Saving Mostakina
I've just read the story about the little girl that was abused by a medical doctor.
I am a Sierra Leonean journalist in London UK. I suggest that in future, you open an appeal for people in such situations.
There are millions of good hearted people around the world that are ready to assist especially children faced with such situations.
Sylvester Suaray, London

Muslim Militancy
The growing militancy conducted by the Islamic outfits in Bangladesh is becoming a serious concern affecting the peace and integrity of our nation. The recent emergence of Bangla Bhai (JMJB) is a frightening example. This particular Islamic outfit as per the press reports is getting the blessings of influential people in that particular area -- to the extent that they were virtually running a parallel administration of their own in the presence of the police and others. Bangladesh has not yet declared itself an Islamic Republic, and still remains a People's Republic so how have these Mullahs become so powerful and do whatever they want in the name of saving Islam? We do not want to see Bangladesh turning into another Afghanistan because of Muslim fanatics. I have a request to these Mullahs: please let Islam and its ideology remain in the axis of religion and don't mix it with politics. Bangladesh was a much better country when terrorism in the name of Islam did not exist. The government should immediately disband all military Islamic outfits irrespective of their party and affiliation. The government should also bring those influential people, who are out to dislodge the government by wielding their unlawful power, to justice.
Humayun Hyder, On Email

I offer my congratulations for the timely cover on the treatment of domestic help. We cannot let these ruthless practices go on. It's so important that all of us take notice of this issue. We all know about this but somehow feel embarrassed to talk about it. This is something that needs to be changed and our starting point should be within our own family. This is something that really hit me when I came abroad and saw what it means to have respect for every human soul, irrespective of there race, culture and social status. Obviously there is discrimination but at least minorities and underprivileged people have a say. When I think about it maids in our country get this treatment for very trivial reasons. Think of the treatment they receive in comparison: scolding, beating, mental torture. This is so inhuman -- just because they don't have any other options, we treat them badly. I cannot help feeling helpless and sorry for these people.
Iftekhar Hossain, London. UK

One Off
I 'd like to thank SWM for publishing such a nice, touching story "Of Abdul Hamid and Ranga Mia" in the issue of May 14th. Please convey my gratitude to the writer Mr. Aly Zaker. I 'd like to thank him personally.
Syed Faisal Hasan, New Zealand

Improving English is Important
Two of the readers of SWM have so far expressed affinity towards improving their English. I am also an avid reader of SWM and want to express my interest in doing the same, through an English section of SWM. It is clear that to gain command over a language vocabulary is very important. At the same time, grammatical, structural and idiomatic parts are also very necessary to know any language fluently. Since English is not our mother tongue, it would be helpful for us, the readers of SWM, if the editor takes this issue into consideration and makes the necessary arrangements to allot at least one page for new English learners in the Magazine regularly.
Kamal Uddin Azad Khokan, Chittagong

What Does a Hartal Mean?
As far as I know, a hartal means an organised or concerted closing of shops and offices as a mark of protest against a political situation or as an act of mourning in our subcontinent. What I fail to understand is how can a hartal stop vehicles from transporting or travelling from one place to another? Besides, a hartal can give a nation nothing more than losses in every aspect. Researchers and parliamentarians in our country sould install or establish a permanent act or law as to how a hartal should be conducted. All pros and cons should be included in this enactment. There must be a clear definition of what a hartal entails and this should be followed strictly in our nation. Otherwise the nation and country will not be able to progress further.
Chemon Ara Begum Munni, Chittagong


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