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June 4, 2004

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Best Selling Fictions

Sanyat Sattar


The Tornado Struck at Midnight
Wesley Carrington Greayer
PublishAmerica; October 2002

The Tornado Struck at Midnight is set aboard a schooner in the Gulf of Pariah in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The cast includes a WWII hero, a naive millionaire, a mysterious New York matron, Englishmen, Americans, and several hot-blooded Portuguese beauties. A recently divorced Englishman unexpectedly inherits a fortune. Several investors charter a schooner for a cruise to the Grenadines, hoping to obtain his backing for their investment plans. When his ex-wife suddenly appears to claim her share of his windfall, the investors fear she will put the kibosh on his backing for their schemes. After a hectic evening of drinking and romantic sparring, the combatants retire. Later, a woman is found dead in her stateroom. Deputy Commissioner, Major Barnes, must discover if avarice or carnal desire contributed to her demise.





The Zenith Angle
Bruce Sterling
Del Rey; April 2004

The godfather of cyberpunk abandons SF in this satiric look at the high-tech security industry after 9/11. Dr. Derek Vandeveer gives up his high-paying job in private industry in order to try to help the government plug the nation's most serious computer security leaks. Unfortunately, he soon discovers that many of the worst problems are either too expensive to fix or impossible to deal with for political reasons. Vandeveer finds himself living in a slum in Washington, D.C., up to his ears in red tape and surrounded by a cast of would-be cyber warriors and failed dot-com entrepreneurs. Even worse, he's paying for the equipment he needs out of his own pocket. Sterling has always been more comfortable with satire than action, however, and the shift near the end to techno-thriller mode isn't entirely successful. Still, this novel should please the author's fans, many of whom will be interested in the latest innovations in computer security.



G. P. Taylor
Charisma House; April 2004

G. P. Taylor's first novel takes readers on a breathtaking voyage, full of suspense and intrigue, where fallen angels and demonic forces come in the night and where the ultimate sacrifice might even be life itself. The most chilling novel for the young of the last years. You will not regret reading it. It is a history filled with adventures and dangers, spirits and witchcraft, value and anger.


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