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June 11, 2004

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Ornamenting Ourselves

Sanyat Sattar


Coraling Technique
Varvara Konstantinov
Jewelry by Varvara; March 2003

This book introduces the beautiful coraling technique. Starting with a detailed introduction to the technique, it continues with step-by-step instructions for ten gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Though these vary in difficulty, the detailed directions allow any beginner to quickly create stunning work. Diagrams detail every step of the process, and the book is complete with a gallery of luscious photographs of the finished pieces. The result is a fascinating oeuvre, a magical guide through a world of alluring beauty and filled with scintillating beading treasures.


Jewelry: Fundamental and Metalsmithing
Tim McCreight
North Light Books; June 2003

A professional metalsmith and teacher well known as the author of a standard text, The Complete Metalsmith (Davis, 1991. rev. ed.), McCreight offers a lavishly illustrated guide to techniques. As indicated by the title, this book covers metalworking fundamentals and is similar to Jinks McGrath's The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques. Photographs of other artists' pieces are interspersed throughout the text without any textual explanation, though evidently they are included as finished examples of the processes being discussed and no projects are included.


The Art of Jewelry Design: From Idea to Reality
Elizabeth Olver
North Light Books; February 2002

This visually stunning guide provides readers with the techniques and advice they need to transform jewelry designs into reality. First it examines the basic elements of design, including size, material, function and colour. Next it considers the conceptual style in which the crafter wants to make the piece, such as geometric, figurative and organic. Each design concept is explored with a discussion of its main characteristics and how they can be conveyed through jewelry design as well as an overview of the essential tools needed to create each design element. The book is also a visual delight, a rich buffet of notebook ideas, projects in process, and finished work.

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