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     Volume 4 Issue 2 | July 2, 2004 |


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Good Anniversary Issue!
Congratulations on your excellent 8th anniversary issue! I read the entire issue from cover to cover and I have to say that this is to-date, SWM's greatest edition. Good in content as well as graphics, the new and improved SWM is definitely paving the way for other magazines in Bangladesh. Although I found that quality of the paper was quite poor for such a great occasion, I felt the quality of writing by staff writers as well as regular contributors made up for it. I also enjoyed the interviews of Aly Zaker, Neeman Sobhan and Richa Jha as we do not very often know much about the people whose columns we read every week. It was nice to get "up close and personal" with them. Ahmede Hussain's fiction piece further proved his talented flair for writing, while Mustafa Zaman, Imran H Khan and Shamim Ahsan's articles added their own perspectives and an original twist on the life of being an SWM writer. The cover story, written by Aasha Mehreen Amin, Kajalie Shehreen Islam and Srabonti Narmeen Ali was extremely well done and interestingly written, with a combination of all three authors' strong senses of humour and wit. The layout was exceptionally impressive this time. All in all, I think you should pat yourselves on the backs for a job well done. Congratulations again!
An Admirer
On Email

A Response
The letter on the June 11 issue of SWM by Nayeem Islam caught my attention. What I want to ask him first is, what exactly do you want from a weekend magazine such as SWM? Do you want to learn the basics of English from it? If so, I am taking on your challenge. Dear readers, I think you would agree with me that the articles in SWM are mostly good, often informative and usually interesting. Chintito, for example, who pokes fun at the socio-economic realities in his own inimitable fashion, is very witty and humourous. I also love to feast my eyes on the Globetrotter page, and love the New Flicks page and Dhaka Diary, not to mention Write to Mita. The accusation that the articles are flops seemed ridiculous to me.
Mustafa Najmus Shantanu
DakshinGaon, Dhaka

National Budget
The National Budget, which greatly influences people's lives and standard of living, has recently been passed. The main opposition party, as usual, has rejected the proposed budget, calling it a futile and over-ambitious one. No doubt, the budget is a challenging one, which reflects the honourable Minister's high confidence and over dependence on the taxes of middle class people who have been struggling to cope with the rising prices of daily commodities.
Although in the budget the taxes on some of the items have been reduced, most of the greedy dealers hardly reduce the retail prices to give maximum benefits to the customers. On the other hand, such dealers have no qualms about increasing prices of newly taxed items, even if such items have been stored since long before the budget. The authority hardly takes any action against them to control such dishonest practices. As a result, common consumers do not get the intended benefits of the cut and reduction of taxes from daily commodities. The imposition of various taxes on newer items help enhance the suffering of underprivileged people further.
I would like to ask the honourable Minister what action he is going to take against the debt defaulters who can add a significant amount to the treasury of the government. Will they go unpunished while the majority of the people have to take the unbearable burden on heir weak shoulders? I firmly believe that if the government considers these facts it does not necessarily need to depend on public taxes and harmful foreign loans which carry a huge amount of interest every year to be paid from public money. It is high time to detect and utilise every potential source from within the country to get out of the noose of foreign aid.
Md Arif Sadeq,
Department of English
University of Dhaka

Baseless Criticism
Dear Mr. Nayeem (SWM hater), I don't find your criticism of SWM logical. You don't like SWM but you're still reading it, what a wonder! You have spoken very highly of Jai Jai Din, but how can you compare a Bangla magazine with an English one? I think you should learn to think clearly before criticising something.
Farhana Sultana
Uttara, Dhaka.

A Great Man Indeed
I immensely enjoyed Morshed Ali Khan's cover story about his African daughter Aougny. I hope and pray that SWM's coverage on this story will encourage others to help other children in similar situations. Morshed Ali Khan is a great soul. And he makes us all proud.
Md. Akhtar Hossain

Poetry Please!
I am a regular reader of SWM. It is a very good magazine in every aspect. All of the articles are well written. There was a time when poetry featured in the magazine but it is no longer a part of SWM's menu. Why? I believe many other readers would also like to see poems in SWM. I hope that SWM will consider printing poems in the future.
Khokan Sarker
Dept. of English, AUB

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