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     Volume 4 Issue 3 | July 9, 2004 |


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Letter from an SWM Lover
SWM is one of my best friends. I eagerly wait for it every week. A few days back I was reading the issue of 'Finding Aougny'. As a whole the edition was a good read. But a letter in this made me very unhappy. The letter consisted of a meaningless challenge. However, the writer of this letter has been reading SWM for the last two years. In fact, according to his own testimony, he read about 96 copies of SWM. However, he claimed that all the jokes and cartoons are not funny. This certainly is strange. He also added that the staff writers of the magazine are not efficient at all. Now, my question is that, why read SWM for two long years if most of the articles are not enjoyable and the jokes are not funny? I think SWM should avoid publishing such bad letters in future.
Faria Nodi

The Bangla Bhai Controversy
The name Bangla bhai has become the most common name in our newspapers these last few weeks. He has secured the status of a ruler of sorts in North Bengal. People call him the 'private ruler' of the country. Who has given him this right to rule? What is the government doing? Is it really true that our country is full of fundamentalists? I don't want to believe it. The government should take quick action against Bangla bhai and his supporters or else the country will sink into turmoil. Those who are supporting Bangla bhai are doing away with all our hopes and achievements of 1971.
Shankha Dasgupta

On the 8th Anniversary of SWM
I am an admirer of SWM and want to congratulate its team on their 8th anniversary. But I have a few problems with the anniversary issue. First of all, a lot of abbreviations like Bac, DS and NYU were used and, though abbreviations save time and space, people might not understand them all and so their use should be limited. Secondly, though the short story contest was good, I don't understand why the one that won first prize actually won. I don't think it's a short story at all but a stream of consciousness. I really enjoyed reading Zafar Sobhan's "Ami Shopno Dekhbo Boley " which made a good point and I want to thank the writer for his consciousness of the matter. But "Nothing if not serious" was not good enough for Shawkat Hussain's starving readers like myself who have read better writings by him. Overall, though, despite some typos, it was a good issue and a must-read.
Md.Shamiul Haque
Department of English
University of Dhaka

On transliteration
The discussion on the rules of English transliteration by Zafar Sobhan (June 25) and Neeman Sobhan (July 2) is interesting. The writers are very right to say that it is our language and we are the ones who should make the rules for a better understanding of the language. It creates a lot of problems for those who want to learn Bangla. Even for the real Bangali like me, it sometimes leads to confusion. Therefore, an advanced set of rules, well-adjusted to Bangla, would certainly come to the aid of all who want to learn it by heart.

In support of Poetry
I am a regular reader of SWM since the very beginning of its circulation. I like the magazine very much. I cannot think of a single Friday without SWM. Although all of the articles of SWM are very good, Write to Mita, Dhaka Diary, Jokes, Musings give me the most pleasure. But I don't know why SWM is not featuring a poetry section in the magazine. I think that this section would gain popularity and add to the already diverse array of features of the magazine. In support of Khokan Sarker's letter "Poetry Please" in July 2, 2004, I want to say that many other readers would also like to see poems in SWM. I hope that SWM will consider printing poems in the magazine and ask for contributions from readers.
Mominul Hasan Rintu
Asian University

Anniversary Issue Accolade
Star Weekend Magazine recently celebrated its 8th birthday by publishing a 96 page issue on June 25. While I find that the content was up to my expectations, I was really embarrassed for the SWM staff with the shabby overall outlook. Is this the way you celebrate your birthday? There was nothing interesting and eye-catching about it, nor was there any evidence to prove the fact that SWM is a magazine that people should take seriously. In today's competitive market, no one pays attention to a magazine that fails in the department of 'look'. Although I usually enjoy reading the magazine and don't mind the dull quality, I really thought that the SWM team would make a real effort to go all out with the presentation of the magazine for a special event like the anniversary, especially after all the hype. To be fair, once you get past the bad make up the writing is good. The cover story for the anniversary issue, in particular, was really good. Usually I think they are too long and not really as interesting or attention grabbing, but I really thought that Aasha M. Amin, Kajalie S. Islam and Srabonti N. Ali did a great job in covering this topic. I also think that Zafar Sobhan's article was particularly enjoyable, as he is always a writer with lots of insight and humour to match. Shawkat Hussain's article, was, as usual, one of the main highlights. Ahmede Hussein's fiction piece was praiseworthy and innovative. Shamim Ahsan's take on interviews was hilarious. Mustafa Zaman's article, as always showed his maturity and wit. Imran H. Khan's parables of his life with SWM were endearing.
A Reader
On Email

Dark Time Ahead
My wife has just been released from hospital after receiving treatment for a severe case of Dengue, which causes gradual decrease of platelets. Her treatments included isolation, fluid management, higher antibiotics, and other measures. However, on a TV interview on June 29 we heard a different point of view coming from a high governmental official, he said, "Dengu situation is in full control. Sporadic rainfall is causing it and only a few cases have surfaced in Dhaka." However, on the same programme a specialist in this particular field made claims that contradict the high official's statement. He said that cases of Dengue were very frequent, and the situation was getting worse. People usually maintain privacy during and after receiving treatments. Therefore it is impossible to pinpoint the exact number of cases. When the assessment still remains to be done, how can anyone remark that "Dengue situation is under control?" The Dengue outbreak, it seems, is now at its initial stage; as the rainy season sets in, there is a possibility that it might get worse. There are people living abroad are hesitating to head back home to spend their holiday's because of this dreadful disease. The government should work towards creating public awareness using the national media. And the health ministry should take up programmes to combat the disease.
Purana Paltan

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