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     Volume 4 Issue 4 | July 16, 2004 |

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All About Flowers

Sanyat Sattar

A flower is " a gift from heaven". It is the symbol of love, beauty and purity. Here we are with few books that show you how to choose and buy flowers and use them to create stunning arrangements--both modern and traditional.


Flowers by Design
Jeff Leatham
Harper Design International; April 2004
ISBN: 0060592753

"Flowers are the new element of interior design," Leatham declares in this enthusiastic, decorating book. A former fashion model turned floral designer, Leatham arranges the flowers for the "Four Seasons Hotel George V" in Paris, as well as for a star-studded roster of clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Emanuel Ungaro and Kate Moss. His novel techniques include displaying flowers out of water, bending long stems inside clear glass vases for dramatic effect and "drowning" blossoms in water so that their shapes and patterns are magnified. One of his favourite tricks is to take a tall vase and balance a clump of flowers near its opening so that the bunch appears ready to tip out of the container. His emphasis on "sculptural shapes" and "bold statements" will inspire readers to rethink the way they display flowers in their own homes, but most of his designs are not meant to last more than four or five hours, making them rather impractical for the average novice decorator.


The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers
Carley Roney
Chronicle Books; November2002
ISBN: 0811832635

From bouquets to boutonnieres, corsages to centerpieces, The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers features everything a bride needs to know . This lavishly illustrated book includes more than 150 colour photographs and a wealth of useful information. Featuring page after page of beautiful arrangements, a fully photographed glossary of popular wedding flowers, advice on finding and working with a florist, step-by-step instructions for creating a host of floral accents by hand, and explanations of floral terminology, this is a book to be enjoyed well beyond a wedding. From the ceremony arrangements to the posies for the bridesmaids, this comprehensive resource guides the happy couple through every aspect of floral decoration.


Best Rose Guide: A Comprehensive Selection
Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix
Firefly Books Ltd; September 2003
ISBN: 1552978443

This authoritative guide covers 850 roses and bridges the divide between scientific texts and everyday horticultural books. The book explains how to identify and understand every type of rose. This book features detailed introductions to twenty-four categories of rose including Old Roses, Climbers, Shrubs and Modern Roses, Expert advice on selecting and growing and planting ideas, companion plants and care, Cross-references, hardiness zones. Vivid photographs show every rose in exquisite detail. The authoritative text also explains how roses have been cultivated from ancient Roman times to today with fascinating information and the most up-to-date DNA studies. Featuring the newest rose varieties and the latest techniques and ideas for selecting and growing them, Best Rose Guide is a definitive reference on roses.



(Those who want to know more about these books can email to sanyatsattar@hotmail.com)








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