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     Volume 4 Issue 5 | July 23, 2004 |

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Baby Monitors

Calming vibrations monitor

The Gentle Massage Monitor is the only monitor that allows mom to respond to baby's call with calming vibrations in the crib from anywhere around the home. The Gentle Massage Monitor soothes baby with remote activated crib mounted calming vibrations and/or the soothing sounds of a rolling seashore. These soothing features may be remotely activated by parents anywhere in the home, from the transmitter unit and directly on the soothing unit. The monitor features a sound activated light display, crystal clear reception and 2 channels to minimise interference so mom can keep in touch with her baby. Crib soother gently vibrates mattress to soothe baby like a ride in the car. Three settings: calming vibrations, wave sounds or both. Easily attaches to crib like a mobile.

Childview TV & video monitor

This deluxe child view monitor and television lets you clearly see and hear your baby. The 5-inch black and white television provides "day and night" security with infrared LEDs that provide clear "night vision." Camera can be wall-mounted or placed directly near your baby, and television can stay in any room you are in. Both monitor and camera are compact and lightweight. The monitor and camera both run on AC adapters. TV monitor gives parents the option to just watch or to listen and watch baby.

Movement sensor with sounds monitor

Lay your baby down to sleep with total peace of mind. The BebeSounds Movement Sensor with Sounds Monitor is two monitors in one. The ultra-sensitive sensor pad is placed under the crib mattress (or cradle or bassinet) to detect your baby's slightest movements. The parents' unit receives the signal and sounds a "no-movement" alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. In addition, the system can be used as a traditional sound monitor to pick up your baby's cries and coos with a range of up to 330 feet. The monitor features 2 different channels to help with interference and 3 volume settings.

Soothing dream monitor

Soothe baby from anywhere around the house with the Soothing Dreams Monitor that plays nature sounds, lullabies and features a light show. Sound lights and two channels lets you monitor when baby needs you. Soothe baby in one of five ways - ceiling light show projects images of a starry night, monitor plays soothing nature sounds, monitor plays traditional lullabies, monitor emits a soft gentle nightlight or use your own voice. The two way monitor lets you talk and sing to baby without entering the nursery. Sound lights let you see as well as hear baby's call. Two channels minimize interference and the portable receiver with belt clip can be used anywhere in your home.

Everywhere Monitor

Finally, there's a monitor that's tough enough to stand up to your active life! The only impact- and water-resistant monitor on the market, this 900 MHz model features the most advanced technology so you can clearly hear baby anywhere - even when you're in the shower! Other great features include sounds lights so you can "see" baby's noise, and audible out-of-range indicator and a low battery indicator. Two channels maximise clarity.

Wireless Security Camera and Monitor with 2.5-inch Color TFT Active Matrix LCD

This new wireless security system with 2.5-inch colour TFT Active Matrix LCD screen lets you watch and listen for your children's safety or your own personal security from all around your home and yard with the portable hand-held monitor. Take the wireless monitor when you leave and you can even observe inside your empty home or apartment before entering when you return! The 2.4 GHz signal transmits colour video and audio up to 100 feet through walls and floors. Superior infrared night-vision technology also captures clear images from rooms that are totally dark so it's ideal as a baby monitor! Discreet, wireless camera/transmitter easily mounts to a wall or ceiling or stands on a flat surface. The camera head tilts and swivels into any desired position to observe from any angle. The portable monitor features four selectable transmitter frequencies to optimize reception or can accommodate up to four transmitter/cameras (extra wireless security camera), with the option to display each camera's image in succession. Includes audio-only setting.

Family Listen n talk monitor

The new Graco Family Listen N Talk Monitor offers the newest in technology while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is safe. The monitor system features two receivers and one nursery monitor - all, which can speak and hear each other. Full sound lights on the receivers allow you to hear as well as see the baby's sounds clearly. The push-to-talk buttons on the receivers enable you to soothe the baby with your familiar voice.

Source: Thenewparentsguide.com



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