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     Volume 4 Issue 5 | July 23, 2004 |

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Slice of Life


Richa Jha

…has never been my forte, as you will soon make out. It is crisis (make that crises) management I specialise in, with the management part of the deal missing.

Days to Go- 6 (on the 7th day, I'll leave Dhaka for a period of three weeks. Please note, that as this is a planned trip, so I've known these dates for over a month now.)

Things To Do Before I leave Dhaka:
- Send in 4 Slice pieces to SWM.
Estimated Time Required (ETR): 2 hours, each.
P.S.: I've had about 40 days in which to have written four; now I have six days for these four. It is anybody's guess how far I'll succeed.

- Finish (but first, start) the Economist essay. As with the previous three years, this time too, a 200-word synopsis will leave from my mailbox without any essay attached. And you thought a synopsis is prepared 'of' something.
ETR: 7 Days.
P.S: I've had time for this since March of this year.

- Get my glucose levels checked.
ETR: one forenoon.
P.S: Why now, you may ask. Because my family doctor back home asked me on my previous home trip (more than a year ago) to get the tests done. I can't visit him this time without the reports.

- Buy myself a new pair of sneakers. I shall need one for my trip. The ones I wear now have barely a fraction of a millimetre left on their sole. Most of the offers on shoes (discounts, buy-one-get-one-free, old-new exchange, etc.) have gone, but that's just my luck. What was once white is now muted grey. My son has chewed the aglets of the laces away. That would pretty much give you an idea of what the existing ones look like now. These certainly will not survive this trip.

ETR: 1 Hour.
P.S: I have been meaning to replace these for over two years now.

- Have our friend's visiting-parents over for dinner.
ETR: Half a day, or more; would depend on how elaborate I make it.
P.S: There is no other time for it now. I could have done this anytime over these previous two months, for that's how long they have been here. They leave for India two days after I do. It is now, or not until their next visit (anytime between a year and three).

- Drop in at a particular Gentleman's place. I'd promised I'd do so before I leave.
ETR: An Evening
P.S: I've been meaning to do so for several months.

- Get my hair chopped off. It pays to go groomed before my folks. Must not let them think I have given up on myself so early on in life!
ETR: The actual time is less than an hour, but I detest the preparatory stage-planning, shampooing, and all.

- Packing up for my trip: But of course!
ETR: Forever

A review on the day I leave:
1) Bailey Road.
Okay, I know this wasn't there on the agenda at all, but I couldn't help visiting Bailey Road to pick up sarees for family and friends. Had to make four trips. Mostly, to exchange the first set of sarees I bought. That's post-purchase dissonance at play.
2) Slice of Life piece-- one (few more words to fill in before this one gets over).
3) Attended two Gaye Holuds. Again, was not there on the original to-do list; got to know of these later.
4) Attended the most talked-about fashion show in town. Two evenings well spent!
5) Watched three latest Holly/Bollywood releases. Did this for no particular reason, had nothing better to do...

- The rest from the original list.
Time Available: 5 hours.

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