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     Volume 4 Issue 7 | August 6, 2004 |

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Natural Disaster

Sanyat Sattar

Natural Disasters
Lee Davis (Editor)
Checkmark Books; January 2002
ISBN: 0816043396
Throughout history, natural disasters have devastated mankind. In some cases, they have even altered the course of human history. With more than 500 entries, Natural Disasters provides a comprehensive and international survey of these tragic occurrences. Following a general introduction are chapters organised according to disaster type: including avalanches and landslides, hurricanes, earthquakes, icestorms and snowstorms, famines and droughts, tornadoes, floods, typhoons, plagues and epidemics, storms, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, and natural explosions. Each entry features basic facts about each disaster, background information, as well as its impact on mankind and the environment. Thrilling eyewitness accounts, helpful chronologies, and illustrations provide additional insight for readers.

Methods of Disaster Research
Robert A. Stallings (Editor)
Xlibris Corporation; January 2003
ISBN: 1401079709

The methods of disaster research are indistinguishable from those used throughout the social sciences. Yet these methods must be applied under unique circumstances. Researchers new to this field need to understand how the disaster context affects the application of the methods of research. This volume, written by some of the world's leading specialists in disaster research, provides for the first time a primer on disaster research methods. Among the topics covered are qualitative field studies and survey research; underutilised approaches such as cross-national studies, simulations, and historical methods; and newer tools utilizing geographic information systems, the Internet, and economic modeling

Natural Disaster: Protecting the Public Health
Pan American Health Organisation
Pan American Health Org; February 2000
ISBN: 9275115753

This publication outlines the health sector's role in reducing the impact of disasters, laying out a framework that an administrator can rely on to make effective decisions in managing the health sector's activities to reduce the consequences of disasters. It describes the overall effects of disasters on health, highlighting myths and realities, and summarises how the health sector must organise itself to cope with disasters. The book emphasises the multisectoral nature of disaster preparedness and sets forth guidelines for preparing health sector disaster plans, means of coordination, and special technical programme before a disaster hits. The book is primarily aimed at health sector professionals who participate in disaster preparedness, response, and mitigation.



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