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     Volume 4 Issue 13 | September 17, 2004 |

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New Wardrobe:New Look

Sanyat Sattar

The Pocket Stylist
Kendall Farr
Gotham Books; January 2004
ISBN: 1592400418

With its text-heavy layout and somewhat confusing "body type" divisions, this fashion guidebook is somewhat more complicated than many of the other style books on the market. Dedicated readers, however, will learn a lot from Farr, a former fashion editor who's written for InStyle, People, Harper's Bazaar and other publications. Drawing upon her years of experience as a personal stylist, Farr teaches readers what to look for and what to avoid when clothes shopping, how to evaluate their wardrobes and why certain heel heights and shapes work better for different body types. Farr is funny, down to earth and savvy, and her guide exudes authority and experience.


Fashion Design
Sue Jenkyn Jones
Watson-Guptill Publications; September 2002

This is a valuable primer on the fashion industry for the 21st century! Fashion Design is the definitive reference for anyone who is considering a career in the fashion industry. It describes the qualities and skills needed to become a fashion designer; examines the wide range of career opportunities available; and gives an authoritative, balanced overview of the fashion business today. Using an approach that unites history, theory and practice, Fashion Design aims to inform and inspire. Packed with over 300 illustrations, here is practical guidance and proven advice on such topics as the uses and language of clothing; patterns and fabrics; measuring, cutting, draping, and sewing; building a collection; researching and sketching; portfolios and self-presentation; plus much more.

Kyoto Costume Institute
Taschen; September 2002

A person's clothing is an essential key to his or her culture, class, personality or even religion and this is the centre theme of this wonderful book. It chronicles fashion from the 18th century to today, and it shows as well as tells you clear examples of every changing detail. The picture quality used inside the text is top notch and every item is displayed and photographed flawlessly. The text is interesting and informative. This is a must-have for any fashion student, especially ones interested in alternative or historical fashion.







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