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     Volume 4 Issue 13 | September 17, 2004 |

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On Humayan Azad
Thanks for the story on Humayan Azad. He is the kind of person we can all feel proud of. His death feels like the end to the fight against all bigots, conservatives and narrow-minded people. But it seems to me that he was not honoured as much as he deserves. He is the mirror of our country. I would like to pay tribute to our honourable teacher; and want to assure him that his fight against oppression and evil will be carried on.

Middle class Odyssey
In the August 27 issue of SWM, according to S.S Subrata it is now a common truth that there is no difference between Iraq and Bangladesh as far as bombings are concerned. Frequent bomb explosions, hartals, strikes, political disasters etc have a strong affect on the quality of university education in Bangladesh. As a third year student of the Dhaka University I feel anxious when I think about the future of our country because of our corrupt politics. It is frustrating because my fellow students and I do not know when we will pass university due to strikes, violence and delays in exams, which we have to face in our daily lives. It is wise to move to a foreign country but that entails a huge amount of money and moreover it is not easy to get visa for students from middle class families. So depression, uncertainty and sadness are very common in us. Is there any solution for us?
Rahad Abir
University of Dhaka

Good Cover
I really enjoyed reading the article on Dr. Humayun Azad by Mustafa Zaman and Ahmede Hussain. His premature death is a great loss for Bangladesh and for Bangali literature. There is no doubt that this brilliant man was a gutsy Bangali and we all should be very proud of his work. I was wondering whether progressive Bangalis would be able fight back the dark forces with the same vigour.

Sink Political Differences
The attack on the AL meeting on 21 August is an attack on democracy. It apparently seems that these attackers maintain much more strength than the government. Although they will never have the opportunity to seize power, they are capable to a large extent to disrupt our national peace. The enemies of our nation are well prepared to launch invasion on our national sovereignty. They are well cemented; but what about us? We are terror-struck and dispersed and detached in so many ways. We are caught off-guard by these attacks. It is time for us to be amalgamated on the same podium by sinking political differences in order to be able to resist the enemies of the state. A broad-based national unity is badly needed to save the nation. If not, Bangladesh might be turned into another Afghanistan or Iraq, and the coming days might be even worse for all of us.
A.B.M. Musleh Uddin
Chittagong University

Learn English -- A Pragmatic Step
First of all, I would like to thank SWM for introducing a new education section in the magazine. As we know, the proper knowledge of English is essential to communicate with others and to broaden our exposure to the rest of the world. It is a matter of sorrow that most of the students (and teachers) in our country are very weak in English. Thus, we pay the price in our professional life not only within our own country but also abroad. English is not a complicated subject. We should realise the necessity of learning English and I hope this newest section in SWM will help us improve our English skills.
Engr. Mohammad Shayeem
Malibagh Chowdhurypara,

Stop the Hypocrisy!
The continuous letters of grief, condolence and protests against terrorism and for the victims who have fallen under its disastrous trap have become a series of interesting and spicy articles to read in the newspaper. We merely read the newspapers and express our sympathy with hypocrisy in our hearts. Is there no humanity within our souls? Have we become mindless self-centred people who do not care about the people and development of our country? Instead we only concentrate on accomplishing our own selfish desires. We must not forget our country's development is our development and our country's destruction is our destruction.
Why do criminals get away so easily and go unpunished? Why are our hands tied and our hearts sealed with fear of death to speak freely? Democracy is simply a word for us without any meaning at all. We should not celebrate our independence day with pride because that would be a mockery of our heroic martyrs who shed their blood for our country's democracy and liberty. We are not patriots we are all hypocrites. Even the outsiders are now condemning our country's political situation. Let us not let that happen. Let us all unite our dreams as one -- the dream to make a terrorism-free nation for all.
Begum Zeenat

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