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     Volume 4 Issue 15 | October 2, 2004 |

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Dhaka Diary

Educated thief
A while back, I had gone for a swim to the university swimming pool for the first time. Leaving my bag beside the changing room, I went to the pool for my swim. After swimming, I came back to the arts faculty on a rickshaw, when I discovered that my purse had been stolen, along with my facewash. Time and again, I had been warned by my friends that books, money, calculators, mobile phones, watches, clothes, etc, from dorms and even bags kept in the exam halls get stolen. Most of the time the thieves turn out to be the students themselves. Starting so early in life taking things that do not belong to them one can only wonder what they will do later on in life.

Mitilata, Department of English, Dhaka University

Irony in our lives
A few nights ago, I was passing by Paribagh when the headlight of my car shone upon a corner on an overflowing trash can. I was shocked to see a man, eating food from the filthy trashcan. This was probably one of the many ironies of in our country, where some drive Mercedes, Volvos and BMWS while others have dinner from the garbage.

A Citizen

A rainy predicament
A few days ago, I was coming out of my house and heading towards my workplace. The street was clogged with so much rainwater, that I, along with other pedestrians, had to walk very carefully. When I was cautiously walking on the road looking for a rickshaw, all of a sudden, a private car drove by the pedestrians and splashed dirty water all over them. We got half-drenched in the slimy rainwater. All the victims were cursing the reckless driver. Usually, I would have ignored such an incident. However, that day I thought otherwise when the offender's car got stuck in a mini traffic jam. When I came close to the car I noticed an elderly woman and a young man sitting in the back seat. I tapped on the car window and signalled for the driver to roll down the window, after which I gave him a small lecture about driving consciously, especially on rainy days, in a stern voice. Thankfully, the driver remained silent and actually seem ashamed of himself.

Mohammed Sohel Hara, Topkhana Road, Dhaka 1000




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