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     Volume 4 Issue 15 | October 2, 2004 |

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Slice of Life
Richa Jha's "The Un-Green Valley", in the September 10 issue of SWM, was a treat -- like each and every one of her articles. "Slice of Life" is an absolute must-read for me, not only because Richa writes so well, but also because I feel an affinity with her observations and perceptions. This particular piece made me feel as though my own thoughts were being voiced on paper. It's also wonderful how she blends seriousness with humour and a down-to earth attitude with wit. Whatever else Richa may lack (green fingers, warmth, etc) it is certainly not a knack for punchy words! SWM would not be the same without Slice of Life.
Nausheen Rahman, Baridhara

Hazardous Politics
I would like to thank Begum Zeenat for her letter in the September 17 issue of SWM. I think the questions she raised in her writing are not only important and relevant to her but also to every conscious citizen of Bangladesh. If only our politicians would consider answering these questions! Unfortunately, this will never happen. In order to answer all of these questions, political parties have to take responsibility for their actions. Because the relationship between our two political parties strongly resembles the relationship between a snake and mongoose, they insist on answering questions by blaming each other, and we are left with no solutions or answers.

Even after 33-years of our independence we are still lagging behind in every aspects only because of our nasty political matrix. Our politicians never work towards our country's welfare. Instead, they work for their own interests. Our country still does not have a clear definition of democracy. Although an opposition party is a must for a democratic country, we would rather live without the perpetual and hazardous enmity between the two. Another fast-growing concern is the punishment of criminals and terrorists. What did our police do on august 21?
Md. Abdullah Imran, Kushtia

On "The Best Years of Our Lives…Wasted?"
I'd like to focus on SWM's "special feature" of September 10, written by Kajalie Shehreen Islam, describing the present condition of the educational system of Dhaka University. I totally agree with the condition the writer described in her article and would like to thank her for sketching such a painfully vivid picture about how the general students feel. Now a days, political issues have reached such a terrible state that so-called students(!) dare to threaten the teachers, sometimes even going as far as to beat them and vandalise their office rooms during their absence. Based on extremely stupid and totally selfish political issues, different student organisation organise indefinite strikes. As a result, our exams get postponed day after day. I'm a second year student now. When I started my current session, the official date of our exam was on July 17. However, I am still a second year student today and don't know when the exam will actually be held. My question is plain and simple-- if politics is for the greater welfare of the nation, how is politics ruining our academic career benefit the country?
Dewan Lutful Kabir, University of Dhaka

English and I
Firstly, I would like to extend my greatest thanks to SWM for including their newest column, "Learn English with the British Council." I think that the majority of people in our country are weak in English and are trying to find different ways of improving their English skills. This is a great joint attempt on the part of SWM and the British Council. I am weak in English but I feel like I am benefiting from this new column. I am a new reader of SWM and The Daily Star. My teachers advised me to read this publication because it would help improve my English language and grammar. I thank SWM for the "Education" column and its other well-written columns.
Polash, Kushtia

My Beloved SWM
I am a new reader of SWM and for the last two months, I have been reading it regularly. Since the first issue that I read, I really enjoyed going through the magazine. There is no doubt that SWM is a good publication and is the leading weekly in our country. All the columns add to the good quality of the magazine and they are all enjoyable in their own way. I think that people like myself cannot help but love reading SWM. What I find especially enjoyable is the "Dhaka Diary" and the "Write to Mita" sections. I find these pages the most fascinating. However, I sometimes feel that "Write to Mita" fluctuates in standard and that worries me. Please try to keep the standard up.
Ahmed Hasim, Iswargonj, Mymensingh

Enjoying SWM
I am a regular reader of SWM. I would like to express my heartiest congratulations to SWM. I believe that SWM is the best weekend magazine in Bangladesh. It provides exceptional cover stories, which I eagerly await every Friday. I also enjoy reading "Newsnotes", "Jokes", "Write to Mita", "Dhaka Diary", "Chintito", "Book Reviews" and "Education". I am also sure that many other readers enjoy these columns. I have one request, however. Could you possibly write a cover story on the Chechnya tragedy? Thank you very much.
Robel Ahmed (Shagar), Comilla Government College


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