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     Volume 4 Issue 18 | October 22, 2004 |

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Aircraft Mania!

Sanyat Sattar


The Encyclopedia of Civil Air Craft
David Donald
Advanced Marketing Services; November 1999
Aviation enthusiasts will delight in this comprehensive reference: an easy-to-read guide to civil aircraft flown in every nation from the 1920s to the present. This includes more than 100 individual planes, from the giant Guppy cargo plane to the single-seat-racing plane, from glamorous business jets to the classic Boeing 747. Organized into an alphabetical listing of manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, De Havilland, Tupolev, and more. Over 1,600 color and black and white photos and cutaway illustrations have added extra glamour to this edition. This volume also includes a chronology of civil aviation and a list of specifications of many planes in the text.


Aircraft Carriers
Roger Chesneau
Brockhampton Press; January 2004

Aircraft Carriers is the first comprehensive reference work to detail in one volume the 360 plus carriers designed or projected by the world's navies. This has detailed narratives tracing the origin and evolution of the aircraft carrier as a viable fighting unit. Containing over 400 hundred photographs and line drawings, this book provides the reader with all the essential information he may wish to seek concerning what has become the largest and most complex fighting machine devised by man.

Sopwith Triplanes Aces of World War 1
Norman Franks & Tony Holmes
Osprey Publishing ; July 2004

Built as a replacement for the Pup, the Triplane boasted a superior rate of climb and greatly improved maneuverability thanks to its extra wing. Indeed, when the type made its combat debut with the RNAS in February 1917, the Triplane could easily out-climb any other aircraft operated by either side. This book focuses on the aircraft whose design had a great impact on the enemy - so much so that the German High Command immediately ordered their manufacturers to produce triplane designs to counter the Sopwith fighter, the most famous of which was the Fokker Dr I. This book examines the Sopwith Triplane's history from the perspective of the aces that flew it.







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