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     Volume 4 Issue 18 | October 22, 2004 |

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In Honour
The whole of the United Kingdom mourned the recent killing of Ken Bigley. Although I fear that he was dead from the moment he was taken hostage, I firmly believe that every cloud has a silver lining. In this sad case I think that it is the show of solidarity among differing religions, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism. Let hostage takers past, present and future sit up and listen to the universal-inter-faith opposition to his death. Their actions do nothing to better the already volatile situation in Iraq.
Miranda di Nevem

Obsessive Editing Syndrome
I was happy to read this write up in SWM. The catch 22 is conveying the message of strange spellings, phrases and total disregard of the rules of a language by writers. It is the job of the writers to see these; the editor gives the paintbrush touch to attract the readers. One can imagine how miffed the editor is if she has to do the drill of these nitty-gritty corrections. As a result the editor has to take his/her editing assignment or, to be precise, re-writing beyond the perimeter of the office. Nevertheless, prudently you have focused the causes and spelled out the solution it is all in between the lines of the article, satirically written.
Billy Ahmed

On Cover
I was really happy to read the cover story on Farida Parveen last Friday. I think she is one of the most talented singers in the country. It is sad that our private channels do not have enough programmes on such artists and we have to rely on boring BTV to present them. Also I was extremely shocked and disappointed to know that Parveen's husband considers her singing to be against Islamic doctrine. Her voice is God's gift, it was meant to touch peoples' souls. How un-Islamic can that be?

Star Education: A Rainbow in the Dark!!
It's been about 35 years since we became independent. In this moderate span of time there has been a lot of shuffle and reshuffle in terms of Education, mainly learning English as a second language as the main vehicle of Global Communication. Fortunately, students of this generation have finally realised the dire need of mastering English and have started making an effort to learn. Unfortunately there have been a lot of so called English Coaching centres that are not properly prepared or as well-versed in English as they should be, which then leads to confusion on certain aspects of the language. This is why I feel that SWM's joint endeavour with The British Council is a great idea. The topics that are chosen are highly interesting and very relevant as well as versatile. For example, 'Applying for a job' was a very useful article. The format and layout of the articles are extremely creative. I strongly believe that continuing this column will help many people. My heartfelt thanks to SWM and the British Council for undertaking this pioneering idea. I salute you.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Good Cover Story
I liked last week's cover story titled "Melodies for Eternity." Symon Zakaria and Mustafa Zaman have done an excellent job. The story gives a precise picture of how Farida took up singing as a child, how she grew devoted to music as she grew older and how she has finally come what she is today-the champion of Lalon Sangeet singer. Many of us didn't know the story of how Farida Parveen, who once used to be a Nazrul Sangeet singer, switched to Lalon Sangeet. What gives the story an added interest is while tracing Farida's career from a child artist to the exponent of Lalon Sangeet the authors have also depicted the evolution of Lalon Sangeet, how one of our greatest cultural heritage has been nourished and handed over from generation to generation. As we come to know Farida Parveen is presently working on staff notation of Lalon's songs, certainly an invaluable task as this particular genre of songs does not have any written staff notation. The last part of the cover story however was a bit saddening. It was really surprising to learn what Abu Zafar, the once famous lyricist and musician, had to say about the music of his wife Farida Parveen. It is evident that Zafar's transformation, quite an astonishing one if not crazy, forced Farida to part with him. In any case we all hope to see Parveen continue to enthrall her thousands of admirers for many many more days to come.
Anwar Hossain
Asian University of Bangladesh

Dying for Writing the Truth
Reading Shamim Ahsan's article published in the October 15 issue of SWM was like a déjà vu of sorts. I had read similar pieces in your magazine on the recent killings of a number of journalists. I just cannot fathom why they don't stop. Ahsan wrote that Deepankar Chakrabarty was the seventh journalist killed in the country in the last three years. After the death of the Editor of Khulna's Dainik Janmabhumi, the number of journalists killed in the last 10 years in the southeastern region of the country alone stood at 13. We have seen no judgments in any of the cases so far, which seem to stumble forward for a while before just becoming obscure. In our steadily deteriorating society, the least we can do is remain informed and alert to the dangers that lurk everywhere and, perhaps, try and do something to prevent them. If the journalists who are only doing their duty with conviction and integrity are killed, where will that leave us?

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