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     Volume 4 Issue 22 | November 26, 2004 |

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Eid Abroad
I just wanted to commend Neeman Sobhan on writing such a nice article on Eid abroad. I've been studying abroad for quite sometime now and I must say I share her emotions, like many others abroad, in missing Bangladesh during the Eid Celebrations. Because Eid was on a weekend this year and Veteran's Day fell on the same day many of my family members decided to celebrate Eid together in NewYork at my Uncle's - and after years it was honestly like the old days! Cooking the night before, fixing your clothes, Eid namaz in the morning, paying respect to elders followed by an "ediee," visiting friends and family together, the chaos in trying to decide who sits in which car (because everyone wants to sit together!), and finally cozying up in front of the TV, after a hearty dinner, to watch Eid programmes straight from Bangladesh (thanks to Channel I/NTV!) was simply wonderful. But what was better yet was watching my cousins, who were raised abroad, enjoy and respect the traditions just as much. No one can replace what we have/had in Bangladesh, but holding on to our traditions and passing it on to the younger ones can surely make it a close second!

Sundarbans or Sundabans?
Every Friday, I wait eagerly for SWM. I read it and find that I am unable to put it down until I reach the very end of the magazine. However, I found that on the November 5th issue, that there was a mistake that was quite inexcusable. I was astonished to see the horror of a perpetual spelling mistake. The word "sundabans" in the travel piece was repeatedly spelled wrong. Unfortunately, because of this spelling error, the idea of the Sundarbans and what the writer was trying to say was totally ruined -- and all because of a silly printing mistake. I hope that this does not happen again. Also I would like to add that I really miss the column "Nothing if Not Serious" as it has not been printed for a long time. Bring Shawkat Hossain back on the team again please!.
Md.Shamiul Haque
University of Dhaka

A Response to the "Request"
With reference to the letter titled 'A Request' by Mr. Md. Abdul Basit (printed on the November 5 issue), I appreciate the fact that he has to endure a lot of trouble as SWM is published on Friday. He also demanded SWM to be published on any day other than Friday. I find this quite absurd as SWM stands for Star WEEKEND Magazine and Friday is the only weekend we have. So how can SWM be published on a weekday? Moreover, on weekdays, most people are so busy that they do not have adequate time to read SWM properly. Therefore, I think things should go the way they are going now.
Pratik Bhowmik
On Email

On Fiction
This is to applaud the greatly written story from Ahmede Hussain in the last edition. His style has greatly impressed me and I believe that he has managed well to give a long lasting impression on who ever reads his stories. I think Mr. Ahmede Hussain deserves praise for the story LOVE ON A BLUE AFTERNOON.
Kowsheek Mahmoud

A New Section for a New Friday
Friday is a great day for me because a new issue of SWM comes to me in the mornings. And this is all thanks to to everyone involved in the production of SWM. There is always something interesting in the 'Write to Mita' section. I especially love this section, so I would like to extend a special thanks to the editor of this section. I also really enjoy the cover stories when they are on topics that I am interested in. However, I feel the graphics section should be more creative. I also have a request for a new section for music lovers. As both an SWM and music lover I feel the necessity of a Music section. I hope that my most favourite magazine will take my request into consideration.
Md. Musfiqur Rahman(Sourouv)
Nikunja-2 Dhaka

On " Lost in the Dream"
I was extremely moved going through the article "Lost in the Dream" by Srabonti Narmeen Ali on the October 29 issue of SWM. Having been disappointed with the naked face of reality she took refuge in dreams as a dreamer and idealist and decided to stay away from the wasteland of reality where people are infected with hypocrisy, class discrimination, unfair contests for survival and so on. She, to her utter shock came to realise that the present world of harsh reality does not entertain dreamers and qualities such as simplicity, loyalty, kind-heartedness, compassion and goodness. She finds that all of these characteristics are out of place in today's world. And today's world is as good as a jungle for the survival of the fittest where might triumphs over right. In her depiction of realisation, she maintains a unique and shockingly honest tone that is expressed throughout her writing. Her use of words and her tone is extremely befitting to the theme of the story. There is an invisible chain of sadness that binds the whole story together from the very beginning to the end, which I find is unique in style. Amidst all these realisations, she decides to keep on dreaming. I, however, assure her by asserting that the dreamers never die! Congrats. Srabonti--keep it up!!
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

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