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     Volume 4 Issue 25 | December 17, 2004 |

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Eating Out

Savour the Butter Knife Beef!

Sultana Razia and Afsar Ahmed

Dim candle-lights creating faint luminosity, soft music, cosy ambience and the company of someone special can give you a memorable culinary experience at Flambé. The restaurant at Gulshan has recently opened the opportunity for meat connoisseurs to get a taste of its sizzling steak and mouth-watering continental cuisine. Perhaps it is the most authentic continental restaurant now in Dhaka.

Having opened on December 16 last year, the restaurant is now holding a month-long celebration of its first anniversary. To make the month a memorable one the chairman of the restaurant Robert Gomes has come up with a unique idea of promoting Kobe Beef for the first time in Bangladesh.

The steak-fest from December 6 to 23 offers nine varieties of imported steaks from the char grill including two rich and hearty Kobe Sirloin and Kobe Rib Eye steaks that are perfectly marbled and deli ciously flavoured. The combination of Fillet Mignon from New Zealand and Prime Rib, T-Bone, Sirloin, Top Sirloin, Fillet Mignon steaks from the USA add a new standard in measuring all steaks in the fest.

Kobe Beef--considered the choicest beef in the world--would be the primary attraction of beef connoisseurs. "Each Kobe cow is pampered like a spoiled child," says Gomes. "Their diets are strictly controlled and during the final fattening process, cattle are fed hefty quantities of sake and beer mash. Each animal gets a daily massage and is played good music. The theory is that mellow, relaxed cows make good beef with extremely soft flesh…so soft that one can easily cut the steak with a butter knife!" says Gomes.

Gomes, who has a long career at the Sheraton Hotel as the first Bangali Chef is very picky about the garnishing and service: "Serving in sizzlers with its hissing sounds is reminiscent of the most ancient style of serving steaks. The name Flambé means 'blue flame' in French and reminds the authentic serving style of steaks in ancient times."

Garnished with basil leaf, mushrooms, mashed potato and vegetable, the chef of the restaurant also offers three distinctive styles of serving. Teriyaki, a Japanese style served with vegetable; B.B.Q, a slow cooked meat with home-made Barbecue sauce; and Flambé's own style that is stuffed with shallots, mushroom and bone marrow with sauce.

"Five star chefs with a team of energetic young people serve their best preparations to delight food lovers,"' Gomes continues. "In a short time, we have arranged a good number of food festivals like carnivals of strawberry and asparagus, mango-fest, and the ongoing Butter Knife Beef Festival. Festivals of sea-food and Tasmanian salmon and lobster are our coming attractions," Gomes adds.

"We are not only promoting Kobe beef, we are organising a festival to promote steaks made out of local beef too," Gomes says.

Located just opposite the Gulshan Club, sitting in the Lake View corner of Flambé, we enjoyed a six-course dinner a dainty preparation of shrimp cocktail, cream of mushroom soup, Kobe Beef, grilled salmon and mouth-watering cheesecake. The exterior has an attractive waterfall, from a slanted sunshade, that trickles off the window and gives the interior a cool and serene ambience.

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