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     Volume 4 Issue 26 | December 24, 2004 |

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Thanks for Writing "Writing Gracefully"
Being an SWM's fan and avid reader, I read almost everything in it. I especially enjoy reading the "Letters" section. I found the letter "Writing Gracefully"(Dec. 17 issue) by Mr.Clarence Meloney to be eye opening and extremely interesting. I would like to congratulate the SWM team for publishing such a letter. Eluding to a great point of failure in our educational system's, the writer gave us hope and inspiration to reach the educational success of countries such as China, Korea, Japan and Denmark! I am in full agreement with this approach and would like to second the motion that we should use Bangla to be the vehicle of modernisation and the nation's upcoming success.
Md. Shamiul Haque

Pleasant novelties
I enjoyed SWM's new additions -- "Face to Face" and "Eating Out" -- in the December 17 issue. It was a pleasant surprise to find an interview of a sports personality, which is not very common in the magazine. The restaurant piece was also rather entertaining and made my taste buds tingle! I hope SWM will continue to cover diverse topics -- including lighter things like restaurant reviews -- and that it will introduce at least occasional sports pieces, as seems to be the demand among many of its readers. SWM is wonderful as it is, but new additions once in a while will make it even more appealing. Congrats, SWM, for a job well done (week after week!).

Acute traffic jam and our sufferings
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated cities. About ten million people live in this mega city. Nowadays, Dhaka is a city of traffic jams. City dwellers have been subjected to many bitter experiences caused by traffic for the last few decades. The acuteness of traffic jams are increasing day by day. Traffic jams is common in areas like Farm gate, Mohakhali, Khilgaon, Shahbagh, Malibagh Chowdhuripara. No steps have been successful to solve this critical problem. It was expected that after completion of the Mohakhali flyover, the traffic jams at Mohakhali would be reduced. But unfortunately, the situation remains unchanged, even after the inauguration of the Mohakhali flyover. Really, we are helpless. Is there any solution for us?
R.M Morshed, Kranti

A Mistake
I felt it my duty to rectify the error as to the name of the Chairman of the Agartala Tribunal which has been mentioned by Mr. M. Azizul Jalil quoting a statement by Bangabandhu in his recollections of the years past, in the column In Retrospect, which was published in your Weekend Magazine. The author, while recalling his meeting with Bangabandhu during his visit to Islamabad for the round table conference with the President of Pakistan after the withdrawal of Agartala Case, mentioned that Bangabandhu, while in Pakistan met the Chairman of the Agartala Tribunal, Justice Anwarul Haq, to talk about the sad incident that the Chairman of the Tribunal had been through. Mr. Justice Anwarul Haq was never the Chairman of the Agartala Tribunal. Bangabandhu could never make the mistake of naming Justice Anwarul Huq as the Chairman or, for that matter, gone to meet him and expressed his regrets. This mistake might have been due to the author's ignorance as to who was the Chairman of the Tribunal or for not having kept a note as to the name as was mentioned by Bangabandhu. I expected this rectification to be made either by the author soon after the publication or someone else. In his recollections, he has mentioned his meeting with Ila Mitra, a great leader of the Tebhaga Movement in erstwhile East Bengal, and the right decision taken by the government in allowing parole to take her to West Bengal for her treatment and my late brother under whom she had her treatment at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Prof.K.S.Alam and was known in that name rather than Dr. Shamsul Alam. Ila Mitra had always remembered Prof. Alam with gratitude and acknowledge my brother's professional care and consideration. This, I mention, is for clarity as to who Dr.Shamsul Alam actually was.
K. Z. Alam

A Little Bit of Respect
I really enjoyed reading the Musings piece titled "A Little Bit of Respect" by Lally Snow. It is nice to know that there are some foreigners, however few they may seem, that have some sense of respect for the locals. I am in an environment where I have a lot of contact with expats and I always find their treatment of Bangalis quite disgusting. It is almost as if they think that we owe them something for being here. It is ironic because one would think that foreigners living in a third world nation are more tolerant because they have more exposure. I find however, that it is usually the opposite. Them foreigners here live in a bubble. They escape the reality of living in Bangladesh by going to their respective recreation centres pretending that they all live in whatever country they came from by surrounding themselves by people who are from exactly the same background as them. While I understand that they miss their homelands and Bangalis are guilty of doing the same thing -- case in point, Brick Lane in the U.K. -- I still feel like this kind of defeats the purpose. What is the point of living in a foreign country if you are going to shelter yourself from the outside world completely and pretend to be somewhere else? Experience is everything in life. I am glad that the author of this well-written article was able to and had the desire to experience what she felt was the essence of Dhaka rather than sit in a cocoon of ignorance. Thank you SWM for publishing such a great piece.
Samina Wahed
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