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     Volume 4 Issue 34 | February 18, 2005 |

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More Trivial MCQ

1)Which of the following brand names is NOT in common use for items not necessarily made by that company?

2)In the infamous shower scene of the original 'Psycho' movie what was the blood made of?
Coloured corn syrup
Chocolate syrup
Barbeque sauce

3)What US hotel chain was started after the owner, Kemmons Wilson had a string of bad experiences with accommodations while on vacation?
Best Western
Quality Court
Holiday Inn

4)How many vertebrae do cats have in their spine?
10 34
60 125

5)What were Kleenex's originally marketed as?
Cold cream remover
Disposable handkerchiefs
Make-up remover
Toilet paper

6)Where was the first concrete highway in the world?
Los Angeles, California
New York, New York
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan

7)In what era did professional hair styling become popular?
Baroque Period
Roaring Twenties
Victorian Era

8)Hans Lippershey was credited with building the first what?
Tree house
Set of dentures

9)Which of the following performed in the 'Concert For Bangladesh', in 1971?
Bob Marley
Leon Russell
Ray Charles
Bill Haley and the Comets

10)Which component of a helicopter allows for the movement of the aircraft itself?
AFCS Reduction
Horn Cuffs
Modulator Bars


It's common for someone to say, "I need sellotape" when s/he means "I need stickytape". Ditto for someone to seek a thermos when s/he should ask for a vacuum flask or to go to buy a hoover when s/he means a vacuum cleaner. However, people wanting a Toyota mean exactly that. The generic term is a car or an automobile.

2)Chocolate syrup
Though the scene took 7 days to shoot, it only aired for 45 seconds in the film. An irate father wrote a letter to Alfred Hitchcock complaining that his daughter would no longer take a shower because of the scene. Hitchcock cheekily replied: "Send her to the dry cleaners."

3)Holiday Inn
Now commonly referred to as "the Father of the Modern Innkeeping Industry", Kemmons Wilson built his first hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, then grew as the interstate system did. The amenities that Wilson believed would make the accommodations more suitable were clean sheets, free ice, air conditioning, and a television and Bible in every room.

Compare that to the 33 vertebrae humans have and it's easy to understand how a cat is able to arch its back so high. The vertebrae are also fitted together loosely, allowing more fluidity of motion.

5)Cold cream remover
Kimberly Clark issued the first paper facial tissue in 1924, but it was not until 1930 that it was marketed as a disposable handkerchief.

6)Detroit, Michigan, USA
The first mile of concrete highway was laid between Six and Seven Mile Roads in Detroit. It was constructed in less than three months at the breathtaking sum of $13,000! Experts quickly discovered that concrete was more durable and easier to maintain than other road materials.

7)Victorian Era
The fads of the time were determined by European royalty. The most common styling product used at the time was beef lard, bear grease, bone marrow and hazelnut oil. Women couldn't afford to have their hair styled on a regular basis, and the concoctions often grew rancid, so it's no coincidence that the sale of French perfume skyrocketed around that time.

Lippershey was a 17th century maker of eyeglasses. One day he was checking for flaws in two lenses. He discovered that moving the lens close, then away, created a 'zoom affect'. He then mounted two lenses in a hollow tube, and the rest is history. He called his discovery, "kijkglas" (looking glass).

9)Leon Russell
The 'Concert For Bangladesh', was created and put together by former Beatle George Harrison. The concert featured, amongst others, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Ringo Starr, Jim Horn, Jim Keltner, Bob Dylan, and Ravi Shankar. Leon Russell sang, "Jumpin' Jack Flash". The concert was put together for relief efforts to the country.

The swashplate tilts on a pivot, thus creating pitch for the helicopter's rotor blades at different angles. This allows the aircraft to rise (pitch), move left and right (roll), and move forward. The cockpit controls are called the collective stick and cyclic stick.



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