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     Volume 4 Issue 35 | February 25, 2005 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am a "bogus student". I did badly in both my SSC and HSC exams with GPA 3.88 and 3.6 respectively. All my dreams have been shattered. My family is very disappointed. I guess I deserve it. It is impossible for me to get admission in any private university. What can I do?
A Worried Student

Dear Worried,
Calling yourself bogus is not the solution. You need to sit and think very seriously what you want to do with your life. It is true that your past grades have been disappointing, but that does not mean that you cannot improve. Try to get admission in a private university and work really hard to do better. There is no shortcut to hard work and you will certainly be rewarded if you are willing to sincerely try harder next time.

Dear Mita,
I have always been ambitious and so I studied not only to pass but to do well and become something. I thought I would get very good results in my HSCs but they weren't at all as I had expected. I believe my teachers are responsible for this for they are biased against students who do not go to them for private tuition. In our GPA method, the smallest number of marks can make a big difference and there is no way of knowing what marks we got in the practical portions (in science). And so it depends on the will of the teachers. I believe I am a victim of this discrimination and that many other students in our country suffer similarly. But we cannot say or do anything. What should we do?

Dear Unfortunate,
Although this must be very disappointing, remember, this is not the last exam of your life. There will be many others and you should continue to work hard and strive to do better. It is true that often students are victims of the bias of teachers. It is very difficult to prove or correct this. However, if you think of the bigger picture then you will be successful in the long run and the person who has harmed you will suffer in one way or the other. Therefore, please do not get too disheartened and continue to work hard to fulfil your dreams.


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