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     Volume 4 Issue 36 | March 4, 2005 |

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The Music of Poetry

Sanyat Sattar

Journey Through Heartsongs
Mattie J. T. Stepanek
Hyperion; January 2002

The award-winning poetry of young Mattie Stepanek has touched the lives of hundreds and thousands of people. Mattie writes movingly and courageously about life and death, love and loss, faith and hope, innocence and joy. His struggle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy has given him wisdom and insight, and his life, work and message have been recognised by appearances on Oprah, The Today Show, and Good Morning America, and profiles in The Washington Post and The New York Times. Share with Mattie, poet and peacemaker, and begin your own Journey Through Heartsongs.

Delights & Shadows
Ted Kooser
Copper Canyon Press; May 2004

Retired life insurance executive Ted Kooser is better known as the author of Sure Signs and nine other books of poems, as well as of the recent memoir Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemia Alps than for policies sold. Divided into four sections, these 59 poems take us from "Walking on Tiptoe" and "At the Cancer Clinic" to "A Jar of Buttons," "A Box of Pastels" and "A Glimpse of the Eternal": "Just now,/ a sparrow lighted/ on a pine bough/ right outside/ my bedroom window/ and a puff/ of yellow pollen/ flew away." A must read.

Tears for Water
Alicia Keys
Penguin Group (USA); November 2004

This is a compilation of never-before-published poems and lyrics from Alicia Keys' journal and lyrics from her multiplatinum Grammy Award-winning albums, Songs in A Minor and The Diary of Alicia Keys. Her two albums have earned countless awards, sold nearly 14 million copies to date, and brought Alicia Keys recognition as one of the most talented and unique artists in today's music. She is that special musician - a singer, a songwriter, an extraordinary pianist, and a producer - who has a genius for mixing styles from jazz to hip-hop to classic seventies soul, to create a contemporary sound and mood that is completely her own. But it's the wisdom and emotional power of her poems and lyrics that reveal the warmth and dignity of her compositions. In her music and writing, she reaches for new and fresh ways to express what she believes is real in a world that often isn't so real - the assurance that loyalty, honesty, and love are the things that last. Tears for Water is an intimate look at a remarkable young woman - self-confident, sensuous, searching, and inspiring.



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