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     Volume 4 Issue 36 | March 4 , 2005 |

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That was the WEAK that was


Mothers who fail after many a lullaby
Utter his name to silence children who cry
But to admit to such a legend some VIPs felt shy
That's suicidal! You know why!
Having dumped his suit, boot and tie
He claims from all Taka-ana-pie
But donors' stance has put him in a deep fry
That's global economics! Don't ask why!
Going before him is his reputation so high
He reads in the papers that he is in fact nai
But all hide and no seek leaves the police high and dry
That's criminal! Let them tell you why!
'Conjured' by media was Bangla Bhai
Pictures were even condemned as lie
But overnight his group is given good bye
That's politics! But why!

Yet another tragic news not the media's creation
Another overloaded launch has met its cremation
Another day of neglect and auto abjuration
Still no word from the montri who promised his resignation
Where from he gets his watertight inspiration
When there is so much all-round desolation?
The mystery perhaps lies in his saufed dopatta fashion
Few hundred more help to meet his yearly death ration

Everyone at dinner was going fish-fish
Not about the maachi, but what was in the dish?
Big fish, small fish, fry fish, dry fish
All because the price has halved to Tk 250ish
But alas! Good news no paper prints, Bangla or English
Rape, murder, extortion, crossfire, and all the rubbish
Before we had lots of rice with little little fish
Now it will be lots of fish with lots of eelish

On civil servants, women have always had a crush
Bungalow, car, perks, authority, whatnot and faraash
For government jobs hence there is the obvious rush
They are the 'best' sons of the soil (read choraa)
Who shall kill mawsha with a foil (read chhora)
Make mountain out of a boil (read phora)
Behave less as servant, more royal (read anpawra)
Why bother them with exams in which one has to paash?
Since it is their birthright, dignitaries' shoulder to brush
PSC questions therefore have no option but to be faash

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