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     Volume 4 Issue 36 | March 4 , 2005 |

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Today we are going to think about some of the issues that affect the world and the work of one individual to do something about one of them.

A: What do you think? Make a choice
If you were very rich and famous, what would your hobbies be? Choose from this list
*sailing an expensive boat. collecting expensive cars.
*buying lots of fashionable cars. buying expensive paintings.
*buying and running a big farm. buying race horses.
*writing books. travelling in a hot air balloon.
*your own idea:_____________

B: Thinking about global issues
Answer these questions
1. What do you think are the biggest problems facing the world? Write a list of about 5 problems.
2. Who or what does each problem on your list affect?
3. Rank the problems on your list in order of importance (1 = most important, 5 = least important).
4. Which problems do you think are easiest to solve? Why do you think this is?
5. Is there anything you could do about any of these problems? What could you do?

C: Guessing
Read the following news article. Use the numbers and words to fill in the gaps.
United States, quarter, Beatle, strong, vegetables, 59, 25, two

Paul McMartney declares his love for _______1___________
London, Sunday June 24 (Reuters) All you need are vegetables, former 2.___________ Paul McCartney says as he prepares to show his well-being by undertaking a new concert tour.
McCartney, 3.__________, who is ready to hit the road again for the first time in eight years, says being vegetarian for the past 4.__________ of a century has kept him going 5.____________. The singer songwriter became vegetarian more than 6.__________ years ago along with his late wife Linda.
McCartney revealed last month that he was planning a concert tour for around the same time his new studio album comes out in September. He is currently recording in the 7.__________
'Recently I recorded eighteen songs for this album in just 8. ________ weeks,' he said.

Reading Activities

A: Scanning.
Today's article also features Paul McCartney. Read the article and find the answers as quickly as you can in the following article.
1. What problem is the article about?
2. Is this a problem that affects many countries?
3. What is the name of the charity that McCartney and Mills are supporting?
4. What is the aim of the charity?
5. Where did they go in April?
6. Who did they meet there?
7. Which other famous person campaigned against landmines?


C: Reading Carefully
Look at the excerpts from today's article. Answer the questions that follow the excerpts by circling A, B or C. The questions encourage you to look carefully at some parts of the article.
'Landmines take or wreck three lives an hour, every hour, every day of every year'
What does this mean?
A. 3 people are killed by landmines every hour.
B. 3 people are killed or injured by landmines every hour.
C. 3 people are injured by landmines every hour.

Post Reading Activities
Think about and evaluate these facts:
To find landmines several different methods are used:
1. A mine detector can detect (discover) metal that is hidden under the ground. A human must operate a mine detector.
2. A trained dog can sniff out and detect mines. They sniff the ground searching for the smell of explosive material.
3. Robots travel across the ground searching for mines using equipment similar to a metal detector.
4. Special heavy machinery can also be used to clear land of forest or bush. Mines explode under the machines but do not damage them.

The United Nations has a requirement that anything used to detect mines must have a 99.6per cent reliability, which means for every 1000 mines detected or found in one area, only four mines can be missed.

1. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of using each of the four methods listed. Think about various countries that have a lot of landmines. Which method is most suitable for each particular country? Why?

2. Decide which method you think would be the cheapest and which method would be the most reliable.

Write an essay on the following question 'In your opinion, what is the most serious problem facing the world today?' Include the following ideas in your essay:
*Why you think it is the most serious.
*Describe the effect this problem is having on the world at present.
*Describe how this problem will affect the world in the future, if it is not solved.
*In your opinion how could this problem be solved? Give reasons for your opinion, and if possible, some examples to support your ideas.

Make sure your essay has a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

Guessing: 1. vegetables 2. Beatle 3. 59 4. quarter 5. strong 6. 25 7. United States 8. two
Vocabulary: 1 b 2 f 3 d 4 - e 5 a 6 c
Reading carefully: B


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