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     Volume 4 Issue 37 | March 11, 2005 |

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The Herbal Cure

The Herbal Drugstore
Linda B. White & Steven Foster
Signet; April 2002
ISBN: 0451205103
Format: Paperback, 624pp

After opening this book you're about to enter a completely different kind of drugstore. One where herbal medicines are offered right alongside conventional pharmaceuticals. Where bottles of feverfew stand next to bottles of aspirin, and Echinacea has its place among other cold and flu remedies. The Herbal Drugstore is the only place where you can compare mainstream drug treatments and their herbal alternatives for close to 100 common health problems. You'll find herbs that have the same healing powers as many prescription and over-the-counter medications. Whether you need fast first-aid or long-term relief, The Herbal Drugstore has a remedy for you.

Prescription for Herbal Healing
Phyllis A. Balch
Avery; January 2002
ISBN: 0895298694
Format: Paperback, 560pp

As more and more people discover the powerful healing properties of herbs, what's needed is a comprehensive guide to ensure safe and effective use of herbal preparations. Written by natural healing expert Phyllis Balch, Prescription for Herbal Healing is the definitive source for choosing the most effective herbal therapies. Those who depend on Prescription for Nutritional Healing as an indispensable guide to holistic health remedies will immediately recognize the convenient A-to-Z format of this volume. Prescription for Herbal Healing provides the most current, comprehensive, and authoritative facts in an easy-to-read style.

Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine
Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold
Random House Inc.; August 1992
ISBN: 0345379748
Format: Paperback, 431pp

For anyone seriously interested in learning about Chinese medicine, Beinfield and Korngold provide a comprehensive, though technical, look at it. The book is divided into three parts: theory; the psychology of Chinese medicine and therapy; and such treatment methods as acupuncture, herbs and diet. Licensed acupuncturists, Beinfield and Korngold stress that the models of Eastern and Western medicine are significantly different. Consequently, so are methods, emphases and outcomes. Chinese medicine, they claim, readjusts the body's balance and enhances self-healing--while Western medicine, in contrast, stresses suppressing and eliminating pathological phenomena, and crisis-intervention. The authors provide an extensive, cross-referenced compendium of herb names, as well as information on using Chinese patent medicines and formulae for general health problems.


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