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     Volume 4 Issue 37 | March 11, 2005 |

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Cantonment Should Be Relocated
Isn't it high time that the cantonment moved away from Dhaka? It perhaps made sense 30 years ago to have cantonment in the (then) north-end of Dhaka, but now with the northward expansion of the city, Dhaka Cantonment resides right in the middle of it. While I am sure it is a problem for the Cantonment authorities, it certainly is a nuisance for the residents of this ill-planned city as well. It is completely surrounded by residential areas housing millions of civilians. Just think about it -- if, god forbid, Bangladesh went to war today, Dhaka cantonment (where the Army, Navy and Air Force Head Quarters are located) would be the first and primary target of the enemy. Why risk the lives of the civilians -- isn't that the primary duty of the military forces -- to shelter and protect civilians.

Much to the dismay of the city dwellers, the long-awaited fly-over over the Mohakhali rail crossing has done little to ease the traffic situation within the city. For almost two years, while the fly-over was being constructed, we didn't even feel the need of the fly-over only because the cantonment area was freely accessible. Now with the fly-over installed and the cantonment once again cordoned off, it has become even more obvious that the problem here was not (only) the Mohakhali rail crossing, but the cantonment as well.

All the traffic heading towards Mirpur, Gabtoli or Savar are now forced to go all the way past the PM's Office, taking approximately 50 minutes time while creating a huge bottle-neck in front of her office all the way from Jahangir Gate/Shaheen School. Whereas, through the cantonment, it used to only take 20 minutes. I strongly encourage that we, the civilians and residents of this city, raise our voices and compel the Dhaka Cantonment authorities to move to a greener, cleaner and far-away area where they don't have to put up with dust, smog, noise, wedding parties and residents trying to cut through to save time and taxi fare.

A Siddique Banani

On Cover Story
Thanks to Star Magazine for its cover story "Life Limited," published on 4th March issue. I enjoyed reading the article, but found the last paragraph to express very pessimistic views. Women have "aspired" for freedom for a very long time. And we have indeed come a long way from the cruel social and religious norms of burning the widow along with the dead husband (<>shotidaho<>), a widow to live like an absolute vegetable, barring girls from even achieving primary education and covering the entire body and face. I agree that we still have a long way to go. Consistent fighting will not only help us to "aspire" for freedom, but also, hopefully "achieve" it in near future. I also feel that men are not the only ones to blame for the limited life of women. In many cases it is women themselves who hamper the progress of their own kind; sister- and mother- in- laws for example. Both at home and abroad, many males are working towards women emancipation. Also, let us not forget that there are also those heroic male writers of Bengal, such as Tagore, who constantly portray women as independent and educated in their writings, and actively fought for their liberation.

Nur-Taz Rahman Jigatola, Dhaka

Thanks SWM
I am a regular reader of SWM and enjoy it very much. I like every section of this magazine but I feel that Write to Mita, Newsnotes, Sci-tech and Globetrotter top the list. When SWM started to publish the Education section it became one of my all-time favourite magazines. I also read the Time Out column regularly because I find it to be very informative. It is a very interesting column and it helps me improve my chess playing. I like to thank SWM for publishing such columns. I think this column will be more interesting if this publish some of the chess rules and techniques on a regular basis. It will help novice chess players like me. I hope SWM will consider my request.

Jhalok Ronjan Talukdar SUST

Love will be the Spice of Life
I really enjoyed going through the write-up by Nadia Kabir Barb in the 25th February issue of SWM. Being a regular reader of SWM, I appreciate all of her writings especially the article entitled "Is love the Spice of life". It is amazing to hear that the generation of the 21st century tends to fall in love on the basis of physical beauty! Most of these relationships have started with infatuation and within a very short span of time they end. These relationships have no respect, no understanding and to be truthful, no love at all.

As a woman, I would like to make a suggestion for those who fall in love (especially women) -- you should never sacrifice yourself physically and mentally to anyone -- whether he is your boy friend or husband. Try to make your own decisions and be confident. This is the simplest way to make you a stronger person. But, at the same time, one should respect their life partner and keep proper understanding within yourselves. Then you will find love to be "the spice of life". I would like to thank Nadia Kabir again for her wonderful writing and hope she will continue to express herself as a "straight talker".

Fahmida Mannan Mousumi Bangladesh University

In the newsnote on Abdul Latif in the March 4th issue, his age was stated as 68. His correct age was 86. We regret the error.

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