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     Volume 4 Issue 37 | March 11, 2005 |

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Some Knowledge from the
Animal Kingdom

1) Why don't frogs drink water?
> They don't like the taste of it
> They absorb it through their skin
> They drink about a gallon a day
> It gives them warts

2) What makes up 99 percent of a giant panda's diet?
> bamboo
> fish
> bananas
> red meat

3) Do dragonflies walk?
> Yes
> No

4) Do all turkeys gobble?
> Yes
> No

5) Which bird is able to swim but not fly?
> the robin
> the penguin
> the eagle
> the hawk

6) Which animal is able to turn its stomach inside out?
> deer
> dog
> starfish
> rabbit

7) A crocodile can turn its tongue in a complete circle.
> True
> False

8) When a grasshopper is picked up, it will most likely do which of the following?
> urinate
> rub its legs together
> cry
> spit

9) What is shark skin composed of?
> billions of microscopic teeth
> copper nitrate
> fungus and an alga
> carbon

10) Can a hummingbird fly backward?
> Yes
> No

1) They absorb it through their skin.
Frogs have a special type of skin which absorbs water and oxygen. Their skin allows them to stay well hydrated and for this reason they don't need to drink.
2) Bamboo
The giant panda will eat berries, fruit, flowers, small birds and fish. Yet, its diet consists primarily of bamboo.
3) No
Dragonflies are among the fastest flying insects. They have six legs with little bristles on them. They use their legs to form a basket to carry their prey after catching it. Although their legs are very useful to them in this manner they do not use them to walk.
4) No.
Only male turkeys (toms) gobble. Females (hens) make a clicking noise.
5) The penguin
The penguin is a very large bird. Its weight is too great for it to become airborne but it is a superb diver.
6) Starfish
The starfish extends its stomach out through its mouth (turning it inside out) to grab hold of and consume its food.
7) False
A crocodile can't move its tongue, because it's attached to the roof of its mouth.
8) Spit
If you pick up a grasshopper it will likely spit a brown liquid. Most people refer to this liquid as tobacco juice.
9) Billions of microscopic teeth.
Yes. That's what makes it so rough. The queen's footmen used to carry swords with sharkskin handles so that a soldier with a bloody hand could always grip his weapon.
10) Yes
Hummingbirds can fly backwards, forwards, and even upside down briefly.

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