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     Volume 4 Issue 38 | March 18, 2005 |

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Mixed Bag

1)What year was the first VCR made?
* 1956
* 1960
* 1974
* 1899

2)Which is one of a shark's extra abilities?
* Sensing North and South, etc.
* Going incredibly fast
* Being able to visit an octopus's garden
* All round vision

3)What is the lowest possible temperature, in theory?
* 0.C
* 273.C
* 100.C
* 456.C

4)If you jumped into a black hole feet first what would happen to you?
* You'd be digested over thousands of years, mutilated but alive
* You'd turn black
* You'd be stretched like a piece of spaghetti
* You'd become a singularity

5)The human body contains enough iron to make what?
* An anvil
* A hammerhead
* A car engine
* A nail

6)Genetically speaking, all humans are very similar to cabbages.
* True
* False

7)When we look at the sun from Earth, we are seeing it seven minutes ago.
* True
* False

8)Florence Nightingale is best known for being a nurse in the Crimean war. But what was her profession?
* Nurse, nothing else.
* She was unemployed, but from a rich family
* She was a suffragette
* Statistician

9)How many moons does Earth have?
* 4
* 7
* 5
* 1

10)What is the atomic weight of Uranium (rounded to three decimal places)?
* 238.029
* 39.948
* 1132.000
* 312.500

The first VCR was made in 1956 by Charles Ginsburg and Ray Dolby. It sold for a whopping $75,000. This invention gave broadcasters the ability to record a show and play it at a later time.

2)Sensing North and South, etc.
Yes, they sense all magnetic fields, even that of the Earth itself.

At this temperature, particles don't vibrate at all. This was discovered by a chap called Lord Kelvin, who called it Absolute Zero.

4)You'd be stretched like a piece of spaghetti.
Trust me, it's true. But you would REACH a singularity (a point of zero volume and infinite density), although not become one.

5)A nail.
Show that nail more respect!

Yes, it's true, genetically speaking anyway. It is actually a fact that 59% of human deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is identical to that of a cabbage. Show that cabbage more respect!

Completely, utterly incorrect. We see it eight minutes ago.

She was able to show statistics to those in power and convince them to send her over to the hospitals. She also wrote down the first recorded pie chart.

Cruithne, an asteroid that comes into a horseshoe shaped orbit around Earth once in 5000 years, is not a moon.

10) 238.029.
1132.000 is the melting point of Uranium (in degrees Celsius).
39.948 is the atomic weight of Argon.


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