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     Volume 4 Issue 39 | March 25, 2005 |

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An excellent cover story
Thanks to Star Weekend Magazine for an excellent cover story "Leading Women to Change" published in the March 11 issue. Thanks to Kajalie Shehreen Islam for writing on Nurjahan Begum, because I really enjoyed reading this article. Nurjahan Begum, the editor of Begum magazine, was able to juggle being a journalist, activist and social worker all together. She was a member and president of various women's organisations. She has been moving us forward. I am proud that such an inspirational character is from our country and was extremely interested to read about her. On the occasion of International Women's Day, thanks to SWM again for this heartfelt article and keep up the good work!
Choity Salmin
AUB, Dhanmondi

I am proud of SWM
I am a regular reader of Star Weekend Magazine and also a subscriber of The Daily Star. Reading this magazine gives me tremendous pleasure. I am a student of Satkhira Govt. College and I am in need of better English skills. SWM provides me with the opportunity to learn better English every week. The Jokes and Books sections are my favourites. All the cover stories are also praiseworthy. However, I would request that SWM publish columns for Internet and Computer in its Technology section. Also, I would like to suggest to the Editor that SWM try to incorporate news and information about all the districts in Bangladesh.
GM Shaharia Azam Rume

It's amazing!
The cover story on the living legend Nurjahan Begum, editor of Begum magazine -- the milestone in women's journalism, published in the March 11 issue of SWM, was extremely good. It is great to learn the facts about the legend's life from very early childhood till date -- her outstanding knowledge, zeal, her fight to improve the society, her indomitable determination to emancipate Bangali Muslim women who then were confined into the four walls of their domain.
Her father Mohammad Nasiruddin, another legendary journalist and editor of the then pioneering monthly Shawgat, instilled the rudiments of perfect education and the enlightened urges into her vein at a very early age that ultimately culminated into the present day champion personality!
It's amazing that even at this age, she on her sacred path with the same zeal. It's nice that her two worthy daughters are already involved in her endeavour. She is the champion icon for the present day enlightened women.
We salute the living legend Nurjahan Begum. Thanks to SWM and the writer Kajalie Shehreen Islam for paying tribute to this personality on this special occasion.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Islamic life, culture and glory
I am an avid reader of SWM. I really enjoy it and can't imagine a weekend without being able to read it. It has undergone lots of changes, blips and progress to get where it is today with a style that has made it invincible. There's nothing left to say about how educational and impressive the Education, Sci-tech and Trivia sections are. However, I believe that you should have a page for Islamic life, culture and glory, especially because Islam is being slandered as a religion of militancy by the Western media. SWM can dispel such shocking misconceptions to a great extent, as thousands of readers read it. You can also have a page for poems sent by the readers.
Ahmad Raiyan
Jhilview, Banosree

A great cover story women working
Thanks to Star Weekend Magazine for its cover story "Leading Women to Change" published on March 11, 2005. I enjoyed reading the article and pay my tribute to the renowned journalist and social worker Nurjahan Begum. Nurjahan Begum did many things for women's development which was not an easy task during that time. These days we do not find equally determined and courageous women working for the progress of women. In spite of religious conflict and social blindings, she has always aspired to do better for women. May we be blessed with more women like Nurjahan Begum, who acts for the betterment life of women not only politically but also socially.
Mamunur Rashid Tomal
Department of English, DU

On religion
Religion has a very sensitive role in our lives and also is the reason behind many conflicts. I've read some conversations on the internet where both Hindus and Muslims are engaged in debates about religion and end up verbally bashing the other religion. Some of the Muslims were making comments that exhibited such intolerance about other religions that it was embarrassing for Muslims. Similarly, I read articles on Islam written by people of different religions. I'm really disappointed by their attitude and lack of knowledge of Islam.
We should not fight each other on the issue of religion. I feel that we should all know our own religion, and also know other religions because knowledge of other religions can only strengthen our understanding of our own. We also need to be open to other people's points of view. We should listen to them, understand and examine them, and only then can we prove that we are not wrong. I don't know of any evidence to prove that I am right but this is my belief and religion is based on belief. Some may need proper evidence. We should respect others beliefs' in order to get the same in return.
Zakia Rezoana
Bakshi Bazar

SWM -- An Up-to-Date Magazine
I am extremely happy to get SWM every Friday. Undoubtedly, SWM is the best weekly magazine in Bangladesh. SWM is a magazine for everyone. All the columns are interesting, such as Dhaka Diary, Education, Jokes and Write to Mita. I will be glad if it also starts a column on multi-level marketing because most of the people in our country are very ignorant on this particular subject.
Mohammad Elias
University of Chittagong

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