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     Volume 4 Issue 40 | April 1, 2005 |

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Books from Pan Macmillan

Editing Virginia Woolf
James M. Haule & J. H. Stape (editors)
Pan Macmillan; January 2002

This volume covers a wide range of editorial confrontations with Virginia Woolf's writings, touching on almost every genre in which she wrote: fiction, diary, letter, and biography. It describes a variety of editorial practices and deals with current theories informing the critical editing of the prose of this singular 20th-century writer. Essays by distinguished scholar-critics of Virginia Woolf tackles a number of contemporary issues in critical editing: the use of pre-print materials, authorial revisions, and the collation of historical texts. They engage in a lively discussion of the present-day editorial apparatus, tackling questions of annotation and paratext.

The Prayer of the Night Shepherd
Phil Rickman
Pan Macmillan; March 2005

A crumbling hotel on the border of England and Wales, a suggestion of inherited evil, a mystifying love affair and the longdisputed origins of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles. It's all endlessly fascinating for young Jane Watkins, flushed with the freedom of her first weekend job. But the sinister side becomes increasingly apparent to Jane's mother, Merrily, diocesan exorcist for Herford. And the snow is coming and a killing. Altogether, one of the most original and atmospheric crime novels you'll read this year.

An Anatomy of Terror
Andrew Sinclair
Pan Macmillan; August 2004

Andrew Sinclair's unique history of terrorism brilliantly explores the methods and thinking behind terrorism and shows how the nature of terror has not changed since the days of the Assassins and the Mongol hordes. The only difference is that modern technology can kill in tens of millions rather than the tens of thousands the horror tactics of antiquity managed. Meticulously researched and beautifully written, An Anatomy of Terror dissects the use of atrocity from the Roman destruction of Carthage to the suicide attacks on the World Trade Centre. Bold, incisive and compelling, Andrew Sinclair's An Anatomy of Terror is an essential history of our times.


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