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     Volume 4 Issue 40 | April 1, 2005 |

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Write To Mita

Dear Mita,
I have completed my MSc from a public university and have been working for a renowned organisation for the past three years. My family is pressurising me to get married, but I'm not interested right now. I want to go abroad for a higher degree which is crucial for my career. What should I do?

Dear H,
It is not a good idea to get married out of family pressure. Please explain to your family that at present you have other priorities. If you communicate your points well and with conviction then I am sure they will understand and stop pressurising you. You should understand that parents want the best for their children, in this situation they need to be taken into confidence regarding your life goals and ambitions. I am certain they will understand.

Dear Mita,
I'm a student of statistics at SUST. I will be done with my MSc in six months. If I do a thesis however which not many students have the opportunity to do, I have to wait another six months, because, according to the rules of my department, thesis papers are submitted only six months after the completion of MSc. I am from a needy family and my family members are waiting for my financial contribution to the household. An extra six months, and a total of six and a half years to complete my MSc is going to cost my family a lot. This is important for higher studies and getting good jobs. I'll have to register for it soon and must take a final decision. What should I do?

Dear FH,
Although the financial situation of your family is a very important factor, you should still go ahead and do your thesis. It is a matter of a few months and will eventually mean a lot. Talk to your family and tell them how much you appreciate their support but that they must bear with you a little longer. Hopefully this will increase your job prospects and will look good on you CV.

Dear Mita,
I am a girl of 16. I am very sincere about my studies and an obedient daughter. But I feel that love is also very important. I am deeply in love with a boy for the last five or six years. I believe true love can happen only once. The boy loves me too. We have never talked about it but we can feel it. The problem is that he is two years younger than me and, moreover, my cousin's son. What do you think I should do? Should I tell him about my feelings or not? I love him very much and know that he is the only one for me because he has everything I could ask for in a life partner. I can't live without him. Please help.

Dear NT,
Of course love is very important. In fact, it is the most important phenomenon in a person's life. However, there is a time and age for everything. At 16, it is not possible for you to know or understand what you really want. This is the age to explore, experiment and also have fun. Tying yourself down to one relationship is not very clever at this stage. Keep your options open till you are at least a few years older. Moreover, the boy you mention is even younger and perhaps less mature then you. I really do not see any chance of this working out however much you think you love him.


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