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     Volume 4 Issue 48 | April 8, 2005 |

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Mixed Bag IV

1.Frank Lloyd Wright was best known for being a what?
2.The 16th century Nostradamus, predicted World War III to be a very brutal war, but last for a short time. How long did he predict it would last?
*1 year
*3 years
*18 months
*7 months
3.Myrmecology is the study of what?
4.When Diana, the Princess of Wales died, the 'love chapter' from 1 Corinthians 13 was read at her funeral service. Who read this?
*Dean of Westminster, Dr. Wesley Carr
*Her former husband, Prince Charles
*Prime Minister, Tony Blair
*Her oldest sister, Lady Jane Fellowes
5.What word listed below is NOT a term for coffee?
6.What colour listed below is NOT a colour that you would find on the label of a Tommy Hilfiger sweater?
7.Who was the real captain on the Titanic?
*Capt. Bruce Ismay
*Capt. William Master Murdoch
*Capt. John Jacob Astor
*Capt. Edward John Smith
8.Which two countries produce most of the world's olives?
*Israel and Morocco
*Turkey and Greece
*Syria and Turkey
*Greece and Tunisia
9.Which country listed below does NOT border the country of Chad?
10.Andre Agassi was the first male tennis player to win 5 million dollars in one year. True or False?
Answer: (One Word)
11.How much would a human foetus weigh at 20 weeks gestation?
*About 1.2 pounds
*3 pounds
*Less than 6 ounces
*About 9 ounces
12.According to Christopher Marlowe's play, for what does Dr. Faustus sell his soul?
13.What automobile company first introduced the minivan in the mid-1980s?
*General Motors

14.Polar bears are sometimes said to be all left or right handed (or pawed!)? (Scientists hold this to be a myth.)
*They don't have a dominant hand, silly.
15.A flutterby was the original name for what?
*an eyelash
*a coconut
*an afro
*a butterfly
16.Around 1/3 of all potatoes become what?
*french fries
*mashed for Thanksgiving
17.In Roman mythology who was the goddess of the moon?
18.What did all the movies ever made have in common until 1927?
*they were all based on books
*they were all silent
*they were all based on real events
*the actresses didn't get paid
19.In what country did the word biscuit originate?
20.How long is 'Four score and seven years ago'?
*47 years
*107 years
*227 years
*87 years

Mr. Wright lived to a ripe old age of 91. He was responsible for building many interesting structures.
2.7 months
He also predicted that once the 3rd World War was over, there would be peace on the earth for a very long time.
4.Prime Minister, Tony Blair
Coffee can be measured in 'shots', but the other three choices refer to the coffee itself.
7.Capt. Edward John Smith
The character in the movie was also named Capt. Edward John Smith, played by British character actor Bernard Hill.
8.Syria and Turkey
The two countries that produce most of the world's olives are Turkey and Syria, which, together produce 53 percent. Next largest in production is Tunisia, which grows 3 percent. All other countries produce less than 10 percent of the world's olives, so even though these statistics are from 2002, they are unlikely to change in a hurry!
It was Pete Sampras, in 1995. He earned {$5,415,066}that year!
11.about 9 ounces
15.a butterfly
It is said that 'butterfly' is a spoonerism of the original term flutterfly.
16.french fries
Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, forests, animals and women in childbirth.
18.They were all silent.
The first 'talkie' was called 'The Jazz Singer' and starred Al Jolson.
In French, biscuit means 'twice-cooked bread'.
20.87 years
A score equals 20 years.


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