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     Volume 4 Issue 43 | April 22, 2005 |

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Playing 20 Questions

1.What is the biggest object ever to disappear completely in quicksand?
*a train
*an airplane
*an elephant
*a small building
2.If you saved all the skin you shed in a year, what would it weigh as much of?
*tennis ball
*golf ball
3.What is the most common non-contagious disease in the world?
*gum disease
*heart disease
*lung disease
4.Thomas Edison invented a machine for getting rid of what stubborn bug?
5.Which of these never stops growing as long as it lives?
*a porcupine
*a parrot
*a palm tree
*a palmetto bug
6.If you could measure all the bacteria living in and on your body, what
would it fill?

*one pint
*soup can
*gallon jug
7.What was a sign of wealth in 19th century England?
*an umbrella
*beach ball
*big hat
8.Where would you find your philtrum?
*under your eye
*under your ears
*under your mouth
*under your nose
9.What was the first creature to travel in space?
*a bird
*a man
*a monkey
*a dog
10.In Utah, USA, in the 1870s what could a slot machine give you?
*a driver's license
*a marriage
*a divorce
*a traffic ticket
11.A nest found in Ohio weighed more than a ton! What kind of bird builds
a nest that big?

8the bald eagle
*Canada goose
12.What do male butterflies like to lick?
*tree trunks
*female butterflies
*light bulbs
13.What did a Roman named Arpocras once eat?
*4 tablecloths
*4 napkins
*4 candles
*4 floral arrangements
14.Where does the male catfish carry its mate's eggs?
*on his back
*in his mouth
*under his fins
*on his head
15.What colour wedding dress is worn by most brides in China?
16.Where was the tallest geyser eruption ever recorded?
*New Zealand
17.What did Mark Twain invent?
18.How many Harry Potter books does J K Rowling intend to write?
19.Who's Pooh Bear's best friend?
*Christopher Robin
20. What WWF wrestler is a certified accountant?
*D'Lo Brown
*Steve Austin
*The Rock

1. a train (in Colorado, USA, in 1875)
2. a basketball
You shed up to 1.5 pounds, or 24 ounces, of skin a year. A basketball
weighs 20 to 22 ounces.
3. gum disease
Also called periodontal disease, it's the source of most dental
problems in adults.
4. cockroaches
His machine electrocuted them.
5. a palm tree
All trees keep growing although they differ in yearly growth depending
on climate.
6. soup can
The ones not in your digestive tract would barely fill a thimble.
7. an umbrella
Poor people had to rent one or get wet.
8. under your nose
The vertical crease between your nose and upper lip is called the philtrum.
9. a dog
Laika travelled aboard the Russian Sputnik II in 1957.
10. a divorce
A law firm in Corinne had the machine built. Divorce papers cost $2.50.
11. the bald eagle
Eagles add to their nest every year, so they get bigger and bigger.
12. stones
Scientists think they do this to take in sodium or other minerals.
13. 4 tablecloths
14. in his mouth.
He goes without eating for 80 days until the eggs hatch.
15. red
A colour that represents happiness in Chinese culture
16. New Zealand
The Waimango geyser reached 1500 feet in 1904.
17. suspenders
18. 7
One for every year that Harry is at Hogwarts.
19. Piglet
20. D'Lo Brown

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