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     Volume 4 Issue 45 | May 6, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

Wrongs to Right in Dhaka
RAB's next project should be to shoot all the illegal kitchen market traders using textile colour in fruits and using dead fowls in restaurants. Without doubt, they will be blessed by the city dwellers. Smoking in public places has been banned, a praiseworthy decision taken by the government. However, people are still smoking in public places without any fear. This should be properly monitored and checked. Besides this, steps should be taken to prohibit urinating on the road. This not only pollutes the environment but makes the pavements unfit for walking.

Zia Hasan Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Footbridges or Toilets?
As I was coming back from class the other day, I was walking over the footbridge at Asadgate on Mirpur Road. Upon walking a distance, I was disgusted to see someone defecating on the bridge right there. This happened at about 7:30 pm and was getting darker every moment. A good number of people were walking on the bridge at that time, and could do nothing but just avoid the particular scene and go about their way. How is it possible for a human being to act in such a shamelessway in public? This is how the footbridges are actually being used in Dhaka City. It would be far better to be humiliated by the traffic police for not using the footbridges to cross roads, rather than to be exposed to such disgusting behaviour.

Sohel BUET, Dhaka

The Missing Patty
One day I ordered a burger and asked the woman at the counter to fix it with tomatoes. The microwave timer beeped and my burger was ready. She wrapped it up in a foil and handed it over to me. It seems that a while later, the woman, upon heating up another order for a burger in the microwave oven, found the burger meat, which was supposed to be in my sandwich. The next day when I went in again, she asked me how my sandwich was. "Delicious as usual", I replied. When I got to know that I had actually eaten a sandwich with only tomatoes and no burger, and never realised it, I was much more embarrassed than she was.

Thuihla Mong University of Rajshahi


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