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     Volume 4 Issue 45 | May 6, 2005 |

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A Real Mess
I noticed that the article "Mess" had a great effect on its readers. I read it too, but had a very different reaction.
I really don't understand what is inspiring about the story -- the fact that the girl was pregnant before marriage or the fact that this unfortunate five-and-a-half-month-old foetus was brutally murdered?
Has anyone ever considered the fact that it is illegal to abort a child after two to three months. Aside from legalities, how can a person even think of killing an almost fully formed, innocent human? An innocent life was viciously destroyed for some certain peoples' mistake and people are feeling inspired?
I agree that the writer is a clever person who wrote skilfully so as to make his readers feel sorry for the ' innocent ' girl. However, can anyone tell me how it is possible to know how to have sex and not know the result of it?
After the publication of "Mess" people have suggested that schools should provide information about "safe sex". For God's sake we are Bangladeshis and we have our own culture and tradition. I do hope people will try to look at the other side of the coin too.
Maple Leaf International School

On "The Routine"
The fiction piece "The Routine" by Srabonti Narmeen Ali in the April 22 issue of SWM was quite intriguing. It was very well-written and interesting and, though a short piece, drew the reader from start to finish. Though fiction, the keen insight of the writer into the human mind and behaviour is obvious. I look forward to reading more fiction and other pieces by the writer as well as other such interesting pieces in SWM. Keep up the good work!

The Savar garments collapse tragedy earlier this month was utterly shocking. We realise that these things can happen in our country where no one seems to follow the rules or have any respect whatsoever for the law. But the fact that it did happen, and that so many people lost their lives due to sheer negligence on the part of the owners of the garments factory was really tragic. The story is already losing the limelight in the news media, but we do hope that justice will be served to the victims and their families. Congratulations to Shamim Ahsan, Morshed Ali Khan and the whole of SWM for the very timely, appropriate and well-written cover story on April 22.
Gulshan 2

Food For Thought
I have been looking for an opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Farah Ghuznavi for her wonderful features that are being published in SWM under the intriguing column, "Food for Thought."
Her features are informative, interesting and most importantly, quite thought-provoking! She has a vast range of experiences and observations. In all her write-ups she exhibits a great style and a very composed and balanced perspective. She is bold and lucid in her presentation. And the best part of her writing is she doesn't try to impose anything on the minds of the readers -- she just keeps on writing as an adept painter does the same with the brush and colour on the canvas absorbingly! This polished and frank approach appeals to me most. We also missing the versatile writer Neeman Sobhan; we hope that she will be coming back soon.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Where is Roman Column?
I am an avid reader of SWM and love reading Neeman Sobhan's "Roman Column." I think the writer has an extremely witty approach and her writing style is lively, vivacious, and fresh. For the last few weeksI noticed, however, that Roman Column has been missing from SWM. I would like to suggest to SWM that they urge the writer to continue her column every week, especially for people who enjoy reading it. I strongly hope Roman Column will be published again in SWM very soon.
Toufiqur Rahman

On "Impressions"
The article "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Bangladesh" published in the April 22 issue of SWM was very insightful. I think that -- especially for Bangladeshis who live abroad -- and despite the many negative aspects associated with our country, there is nonetheless a charm about it. You miss the little things, even things that irritate you when you're here and can't quite forget when you're away. And of course there's all the food that you love and just can't get anywhere else. Whether it's phuchka or biriyani, pineapples and lychee, they're not quite the same anywhere else. And of course, neither are the people. As annoying as they can be sometimes in their interest in others and over-hospitality, you can't help but feel alone without at least some such people around you. I guess it's because, for most of us, that little bit (if not a lot) of being a Bangali is just always there at heart.

India's Entertainment?
These days it has become really impossible to watch Indian television channels, especially with members of the family. The performers of the pop songs are half-naked. If you want to hear a beautiful song it will not be possible to do so because of these obscenities. It seems they are following the tradition of Hollywood even though there is such a huge difference between the West and the East. It also effects their film industry. It wasn't this bad a few years ago but now it is just getting worse. Where will they end up?
Shayla Parvin
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