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     Volume 4 Issue 45 | May 6, 2005 |

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Part 3

20 Questions

1. What is the SI unit for volume?
*Cubic Centimetre
*Cubic Meter
2. Volgograd was also known as what?
3. How many quarts are in a half-gallon?
*2 *4
*3 *8
4. Where are the Atlas Mountains?
*Eastern Tennessee
5. Ag is what element's symbol?
6. What Southeastern Asian country allied with Japan during WWII?
7. Alexander the Great was part of what Empire?
*Ottoman *Greek
*Roman *Persian
8. Which is a Baltic state?
*Norway *Belarus
*Sweden *Latvia
9. Which is a Balkan country?
*Italy *Finland
*Latvia *Serbia
10. President Bush was Governor of what state?

11. Where was Napoleon born?
*Elba *St Helena
*France *Corsica
12. What was the hottest video game in 1979?
*Space Invaders
*Mario Brothers
13. What happened for the first time in 1974?
*call waiting
*US peace talks with the Chinese
*the US President resigned office
*people began buying personal computers
14. Where was the Vietnam Peace Agreement of 1973 signed?
*Paris *Hanoi
*London *Brussels
15. What are the ridges on corduroy called?
*stits *cords
*wales *zugs
16. The Academy Award ('Oscar') trophy weighs how much?
*12 lbs *6 lbs 3 oz
*7 lbs 1 oz *8 lbs 13 oz
17. What is the name of the camel of Camel Cigarettes?
*Camey *Old Joe
*Old Jack *Smithy

18. What is at zero degrees longitude, zero degrees latitude?
*North Pole
*Greenwich, England
*Atlantic Ocean
*Fez, Morocco
19. How deep is a golf hole?
*5 inches *6 inches
*3 inches *4 inches
20. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?
*24 *12
*26 *18

1. Cubic metre
2. Stalingrad
3. 2
4. Morocco
5. Silver
6. Siam
7. Greek
Alexander was born in Macedonia and educated in Athens. The empire was known as either Greek or Hellenistic.
8. Latvia
9. Serbia
10. Texas
11. Corsica
12. Space Invaders. This was after Pong and Nintendo.
13. The US President resigned office
Richard Nixon resigned after the Watergate Scandal.
14. Paris
They had to dismantle, withdraw and release.
15. wales
16. 8 lbs 13 oz
17. Old Joe
18. Atlantic Ocean
19. 4 inches
20. 12
a, e, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, u, w

Source: Funtrivia.com

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