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     Volume 4 Issue 51 | June 17, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

Nothing beats a good beating!
We depend on machines, feeling a need for them go on with our lives. When these machines and devices go all haywire and don't work properly, we seem to go out of our minds ourselves. However, sometimes even these machines seem to dread the violent mentality of their human masters! The other day, as I was reading, the electricity went off. For some reason, the spare charged-light would not switch on by itself. I went over to it and tampered with the switch box for a while. It simply wouldn't work. Finally, I lost my patience and went and gave the charger a big slap, more out of anger than to get it working again. However, it immediately began to work!
A friend at BUET related a similar story when he and his friends were trying to fix his personal computer. After what seemed like years, the PC simply would not work. Unable to do anything about it, and the thought of pending assignments and projects pressuring them one of the boys hit the CPU with a hockey stick. Believe it or not, the PC started to work almost immediately! I guess nothing beats a good beating, even in the case of science.

Jafrin Jahed Jiti VNC

Technology in dowry
A few days I was invited to a wedding ceremony. It was nice to get together with old friends and family members, where everyone was all happy and cheery. Some were joking around with the bridegroom and even asked him what he had demanded in dowry from his in-laws. "A personal computer and a cell phone with a camera", came his reply. It's very depressing to see that this age-old dowry system, even though illegal, is still an integral part of any wedding ceremony. However, if this happens to be the case, then one day, every home in the country, including the ones situated in rural areas, will be filled with modern gizmos and new technology. Well, in any case, it's always better to demand a personal computer insted of money!

Bichitra Roy Dept. of English, DU

A night at the Public Library
According to a recent declaration by the government, the Public Library is now accessible 24 hours a day. This is very beneficial for students and people who like to spend time reading and doing research. One night, I decided to go over to the library and check out for myself if readers and students do make use of this establishment or not. I took a friend along to this little adventure of ours expecting to see nerds and young philosophers in particular occupying the halls. However, what we saw was a group of people sleeping and everything was calm and quiet around. Some were clearly vagabonds and some were street hawkers with no other place to actually spend the night. In the daytime, the public library also turns out to be a spot for friends who gather and have long addas, lovers who meet up secretly and just the normal everyday person, who basically has nothing to do. The public library should rather be called a multipurpose establishment, where one and all can do everything that they do at home.

B Roy DU


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