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     Volume 4 Issue 53 | July 8, 2005 |

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Style Fashion & Fashion Designing

Fashion Design Drawing and Presentation
Patrick John Ireland
Batsford, B.T., Ltd; September 2000
ISBN: 0713435194

Every aspect of fashion illustration is covered in this essential reference for the fashion student. It addresses not only the clothes, but deals with essentials that make the total look: faces and hairstyles, heads and hats, fashion details and a wide variety of materials.



Fashion Design Drawing Course
Caroline Tatham & Julian Seaman
Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated; October 2003
ISBN: 0764124730

Fashion Design Drawing Course is the ultimate guide for aspiring designers, fashion artists, and everyone who loves style. Organized into twenty-four instructional units to reflect the courses of top design colleges, this book covers every aspect of fashion illustration, from finding the inspiration for fabulous designs to the techniques that will allow you to put your ideas across with irresistible effect.



Joseph Abboud
HarperCollins Publishers; November 2004
ISBN: 0060535342

"All clothes make a statement. The right clothes make a statement that will open doors." With his user-friendly advice, Abboud, chairman emeritus and creative director of the men's clothier Joseph Abboud Company, revisits his past and, concurrently, shares fashion tips. Clients like Tom Brokaw and Wynton Marsalis are testaments to Abboud's elegance-with-an-edge style. His love affair with clothes started when he was growing up in Boston's South End in the 1950s and '60s, and he parlayed a passion for design into a job designing menswear at Polo/Ralph Lauren. Abboud openly admits his career disappointments, including his foray into the lion's den of women's clothing and his trials launching a men's fragrance. Such honesty is refreshing, and Abboud's devotion to family and die-hard support for the Red Sox add to his charm. Readable and fun, the book offers lessons from Abboud's experiences to would-be designers.


Compiled by: Sanyat Sattar



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