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     Volume 4 Issue 53 | July 8, 2005 |

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Knowing Our Capitals

1.Kabul (Afghanistan) is the Persian name for what?
*Good winds
2.Canberra (Australia) is derived from the Aboriginal word "canberry." What does it mean?
*Meeting place
*New port
*Place of peace
3.Sofia (Bulgaria) is the Greek name for what?
*Land of red dye-wood
4.Ottawa (Canada) is derived from the Algonquian Indian word "adawe." What does it mean?
*Big river
*Green cape
5.Beijing (China) is derived from the Chinese words "bei" and "kin." What does it mean?
*Southern capital
*Northern capital
*Eastern capital
6.Prague (Czech Republic) is derived from the Czech word "praziti." What does it mean?
*City of peace
*New flower
*Place where wood has been burnt
*Favourable water
7.Reykjavik (Iceland) is derived from the Old Norse words "reykr" and "vik"? What does it mean?
*Place of victory
*Snowy fields
*God's gift
*Smoky inlet
8.Dublin (Ireland) is derived from the Gaelic "dubh linn." What does it mean?
*Black pool
*Large swamp
*Mountain of abundance
*Estuary mud
9.Ankara (Turkey) is named after what?
10.Wellington (New Zealand) is named after?
*The Duke of Wellington
*Manuel Portela Valladares
*George Wellington
*Benito Mussolini


Kabul was founded more than 3000 years ago on the river of the same name, and it was made capital in 1774.
2.Meeting place
Canberra was built for the sole purpose of being the capital city.
Construction of the city started in 1913 but it was not until 1927 that it became the capital. The previous capital was Melbourne.
3. Wisdom
Sofia was founded by Romans in the 2nd century, and it became capital of Bulgaria in 1879.
4. Big river
Ottawa developed in the 1820s due to the presence of the headquarters of the British Royal Engineers. It became capital in the mid-1800s.
5. Northern capital
Beijing was founded on the site of a previous Chinese capital, Ch'i, about 3000 years ago.
6. Place where wood has been burnt
Prague began as a settlement in the 9th century. Another derivation is "praha" which means "threshold."
7. Smoky inlet
First settled in 870, Reykjavik became capital in 1786.
8. Black pool
Dublin was founded by Norsemen in the 9th century.
9. Hook
Ankara is derived from the Indo-European root "ank" meaning hook (anchor). It became capital in 1923.
10. The Duke of Wellington
The Duke of Wellington, the hero of Waterloo, was honoured by having the capital of New Zealand named after him in 1840.

Source: Funtrivia.com

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