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     Volume 4 Issue 58 | August 12 , 2005 |

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Interactive Whiteboard

S. Chowdhury (Raju)

Interactive white board IWB is considered to be the most sophisticated and a highly effective teaching and learning tool. IWB is basically a touch-sensitive projection screen that allows you to control a computer directly by touching the board by an electronic pen. Therefore, one doesn't need a keyboard or mouse to operate it, although these could also be used. This latest technology requires a computer, a data projector and the whiteboard itself. Once the whiteboard is connected with a computer or a laptop and a data projector, the projector displays the computer screen onto the board through a software called Active Primary or Active Studio, which controls both the hardware and the curriculum. All the interactive activities, images and games are activated to enhance, reinforce and consolidate the children's knowledge, understanding and skills.

When the data projector and the laptop are connected to this board, using the software, the whiteboard becomes active with images, sounds, stimulating activities and games. The digital pen that replaces a mouse can be used to control, make changes, write and draw on the board.

The Interactive Whiteboard has been designed to develop ideas, organise and stimulate thinking power by the proven technique of visual learning. It strengthens critical thinking, processing of information, enquiry, creative thinking, evaluation and communication across the curriculum. It enhances a learner's motivation and concentration, while learning becomes visual, active and fun.

Interactive Whiteboard has been proven to be the finest interactive, collaborative and visual learning and teaching tool in the UK.

Teaching and learning through this sophisticated and innovative tool, nowadays, is an integral part of education. Other methods of teaching are soon going to be obsolete. It's a revolutionary invention, undoubtedly, as it enhances both the children's motivation and concentration. What you can't teach in six months or a year, a teacher is now able to do within three months, with the assistance of this audio visual IWB.

In England almost, all classes have one of these user-friendly boards. Children are able to use this board without any difficulty, under an adult's supervision, to reinforce and enhance their learning. All subjects, including Geography, History, Science, ICT and Art can be taught on this technology resulting in a progression in a learner's education. The impact is, surprisingly, far-reaching.

The writer is the Principal of British Interactive School.

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