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     Volume 4 Issue 59 | August 19, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

Major Etiquette Crisis
A few weeks ago, I was returning home on the university Volvo bus. The bus was filled with people and at every stop passengers were rushing to get down. At one point, when the bus reached Kazipara, a middle aged man left his seat in a hurry and was about to get down when a lady, who was sitting beside the gentleman, shouted out to him. It seems that he had left his cell phone on the seat. Suddenly, everyone on the bus was screaming for the man to come back and get his cell phone back.
The man came back to the bus to collect his cell phone, but he was probably so embarrassed by this event that he didn't bother to show any gratitude, neither did he his face project any sign of relief. Instead, he was clearly bugged by the whole event of being the centre of attention in the middle of the street. I wonder when people will actually begin to appreciate others with a simple "Thank you" and nothing more than that.
Wajahat IBA

Abhijeet on screen
A couple of days ago, My dad and I went to a nearby community centre to attend a gaye holud ceremony. This holud was celebrated in a unique way. Usually people entertain themselves by dancing with a music system playing on. However, as I went up the stairs, things looked quite unusual. A projector played the video songs of Abhijeet Sawant! They were playing "Channa vey", "Dil kya kare", "Muhabbatein lutaunga" and others. To my surprise, everybody was dancing to them. The scene was quite amusing and everybody was enjoying themselves. Abhijeet plays a vital role in our life, perhaps.
Kamrul Islam

Djuice Vocabulary
A few days ago, it was pouring hard and I had to go pick my daughter up from school. It wasn't easy, fighting the rain, trying to avoid the cars rudely splashing dirty water on my face and of course the umbrella which was not doing a good job of protecting me. I had half a mind to call my husband to send a search patrol in case I got lost in the puddles. To make things worse, a young boy was following me around asking for alms. He actually followed me to my daughter's school and wouldn't leave me alone while making my way back home as well. Going through all the atrocities once again on my way back home with my daughter, this boy would still not leave me alone. When I finally screamed at him and asked him why he was bugging me on a day like this, he simply answered, "Kothin Koshto".
RB Uttara

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